Floating rate of PIBs to be auctioned: SBP

Floating rate of PIBs to be auctioned: SBP

KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday announced that floating rate of Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) will be auctioned.

The central bank sand that it had issued detailed guidelines on May 07, 2018 through a notification under which details of Floating Rate PIBs have been specified.

Government of Pakistan (GOP) has decided that Floating Rate PIBs may also be auctioned as re-opening of previously issued Floating Rate PIBs.

The re-opening auction mechanism of Floating Rate PIBs will be as under:

Re-opening auctions of Floating Rate PIBs will be conducted through uniform price competitive bidding auction process.

PDs will submit competitive bids in terms of price (up to four decimal points).

The cut-off price, at which GOP decides to accept bids, in the re-opening auction will apply uniformly to all accepted bids.

Coupon rate on Floating Rate PIBs offered in re-opening auctions will be the same as determined in the first auction of respective issue of the bond and reset at the start of each coupon period, in accordance with instructions issued vide DMMD Circular no 16 of 2019.

The successful bidders will make the settlement on settlement date at the amount calculated as per accepted price plus accrued interest for the number of days lapsed since start of the coupon period based on respective coupon rate.

All other auction rules and procedures will remain the same.

All other instructions on the subject will remain unchanged.