Ford Performance Unveils F-150 Lightning SuperTruck

Ford Performance Unveils F-150 Lightning SuperTruck – Ford Performance has unveiled its latest innovation, the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck EV demonstrator, cloaked in camouflage, gearing up for rigorous testing at the iconic Pikes Peak.

Set to take on the challenge on June 23, 2024, with none other than Romain Dumas, the reigning champion of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, behind the wheel.

Crafted in collaboration with STARD, this high-performance marvel draws inspiration from the renowned F-150 Lightning, boasting aerodynamic enhancements designed to generate a whopping 6,000 lbs of downforce at speeds of up to 150 mph, a crucial element for conquering the demanding Pikes Peak terrain.

Beyond its adrenaline-pumping performance, this EV demonstrator program serves as a pivotal step forward in electric powertrain research and development.

Insights gleaned from the Pikes Peak endeavor will directly inform advancements in software calibration and battery cell chemistry, benefiting not only future production vehicles but also upcoming race programs.

This is not Ford’s first rodeo at Pikes Peak. In 2023, the Electric SuperVan 4.2 from Ford shattered records in the Open Class, clocking in at an impressive 8 minutes and 47.682 seconds over the grueling 20km course.

The F-150 Lightning SuperTruck joins the ranks of Ford’s ambitious demonstrators, following in the tire tracks of Switchgear, a high-performance marvel developed in partnership with RTR.

Unveiled earlier this year, Switchgear redefined expectations with its rugged off-road prowess and production Lightning platform enhanced with a reinforced suspension, carbon composite panels, and robust skid plates.

These ventures into motorsports underscore Ford Performance’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and leveraging racing technology to elevate their entire vehicle lineup.

As the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck prepares to make its mark at Pikes Peak, it symbolizes Ford’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the electrified automotive landscape.