Foreign exchange reserves increase to $20.435 billion

Foreign exchange reserves increase to $20.435 billion

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reported a rise in the country’s liquid foreign exchange reserves, which increased by $276 million to reach $20.435 billion by the week ending March 19, 2021.

This marks a notable improvement from the previous week, when reserves stood at $20.159 billion on March 12, 2021.

The SBP’s official reserves contributed significantly to this increase. The central bank’s reserves grew by $275 million, climbing to $13.295 billion by March 19, up from $13.020 billion the previous week. This increment highlights the ongoing efforts by the SBP to bolster the country’s foreign exchange reserves, ensuring financial stability and confidence in the economy.

In contrast, the foreign exchange reserves held by commercial banks remained stable. By the week ending March 19, 2021, reserves held by commercial banks were recorded at $7.14 billion, showing a slight increase from $7.139 billion the previous week. This stability suggests a consistent level of foreign currency liquidity within the commercial banking sector, contributing to overall economic steadiness.

The increase in SBP’s reserves can be attributed to several factors, including higher inflows from remittances, improved export receipts, and potential external financing. Remittances from overseas Pakistanis have been a significant source of foreign exchange, reflecting the resilience of the diaspora in supporting the national economy despite global challenges.

Additionally, the country’s export sector has shown signs of recovery, contributing positively to the balance of payments. Enhanced export performance not only supports reserve accumulation but also reflects improving economic activities domestically and abroad.

The augmentation of foreign exchange reserves is crucial for Pakistan, providing a buffer against external shocks and helping to maintain the stability of the Pakistani Rupee. Adequate reserve levels are also essential for meeting international payment obligations and supporting investor confidence.

Overall, the recent increase in Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves is a positive development, indicating the country’s improving economic resilience. The SBP’s continued efforts to manage and enhance reserve levels will be vital in maintaining financial stability and fostering a conducive environment for economic growth.

As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, maintaining robust foreign exchange reserves will remain a priority for Pakistan, helping to navigate uncertainties and ensuring sustainable economic progress.