FPCCI Urges Urgent Reopening of Chaman Border

FPCCI Urges Urgent Reopening of Chaman Border

Karachi, May 13, 2024 – The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has called for the immediate reopening of the Chaman Border to facilitate seamless transportation and alleviate the hardships faced by traders and communities on both sides of the border.

FPCCI President Atif Ikram Sheikh emphasized the critical need to reopen the Chaman Border, which has remained closed for the past week, causing significant disruptions to trade and leaving thousands of trucks and vehicles stranded. The closure has created chaos along the vital trade route between Pakistan and Afghanistan, posing challenges for traders and jeopardizing essential supplies, including food and medicines.

Atif Ikram Sheikh underscored the humanitarian and socioeconomic dimensions of the crisis, emphasizing that the closure of the Chaman Border has exacerbated the suffering of traders and inflicted financial losses on businesses. He called for immediate action to address the situation and ensure the smooth flow of goods and services across the border.

The FPCCI Chief highlighted the strategic importance of the Chaman Border as a key point of interaction between Pakistan and Afghanistan, serving as a crucial hub for cross-border trade and commerce. However, repeated closures of the border in recent years have undermined the government’s authority and contributed to a precarious law and order situation in the region.

Atif Ikram Sheikh lamented the recurring incidents of border blockages, often instigated by small mobs, smugglers, and outlaws, which disregard the rule of law and disrupt legitimate trade activities. He stressed the urgent need for effective governance and security measures to restore stability and ensure the safety of traders and communities in the border area.

The ongoing challenges faced by the government in maintaining control and enforcing the rule of law at the Chaman Border underscore the complexities of managing a volatile geopolitical landscape. The FPCCI’s plea for the reopening of the border reflects the pressing need to address these challenges and mitigate the adverse impacts on the local economy and livelihoods.

The closure of the Chaman Border not only disrupts trade but also has far-reaching implications for the people of Balochistan and the wider region. As efforts are made to resolve the current crisis and reopen the border, stakeholders must work collaboratively to address underlying issues and promote peace, stability, and prosperity along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.