Google Celebrates App Growth Lab Success in Pakistan

Google Celebrates App Growth Lab Success in Pakistan

In a recent ceremony marking the conclusion of Google’s Apps Growth Lab, the company celebrated the graduation of 94 Pakistani game and app development studios from the second iteration of the program.

In a noteworthy expansion beyond mobile game developers, the 2023 edition included app developer studios and companies seeking to boost their growth with Google for the first time. The total number of participating studios this year reached 254, a substantial increase from 54 the previous year, underscoring the program’s growing impact on Pakistan’s app and gaming ecosystem.

The program unfolded over the period from June to September 2023 and featured two crucial phases: an educational segment followed by an extensive support phase. Building upon the success of the previous year, this edition incorporated significant enhancements to offer a more personalized learning experience. Tailored training sessions were designed to address the specific needs of gaming and app developer clients at various stages of their business journeys.

Throughout the program, participating studios had exclusive access to insights from Google experts in areas such as Google Ads, AdMob, and Play. Immersive educational workshops and mentoring sessions provided valuable perspectives, while global industry leaders and peers shared their expertise on navigating the journey from app development to launching and scaling their app business to reach a global audience.

Farhan Qureshi, Google Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, emphasized the remarkable growth of Pakistan’s app economy, stating, “The rise of Pakistan’s app economy is a story of inspiration for the world.” He highlighted that apps developed in Pakistan were downloaded globally 4 billion times in 2022 and that Pakistani developers had achieved significant recognition on the Play Store and App Store charts.

Ehtisham Malik, Head of Marketing at MicZon, a participant in the Growth Lab program in 2022, expressed the significance of the initiative, saying, “The Growth Lab program is an important initiative that will take Pakistan’s gaming industry to the next level.” He added, “All the information we learned at Growth Lab has been very helpful and relevant to our business. Thank you Google Gaming Growth Lab Pakistan for helping Pakistani developers and publishers!”

Shoaib Ali, CEO of Al Basirr Technologies Private Limited, a participant in the 2023 Apps Growth Lab, acknowledged the impact of the training and support received, noting, “The growth achieved in this short span surpasses what we were able to accomplish in the past six years. For this, we are extremely thankful to the entire Google Apps Growth Lab team for their firm commitment to our success.”

Graduates of the Apps Growth Lab can continue their collaboration with Google by applying for the Google App Acceleration Program (GAAP), where they have the opportunity to receive ongoing support from Google specialists. Several former GAAP participants are now recognized as priority Google partners.

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