Google Launches Chromebook Plus with Gemini AI and More

Google Launches Chromebook Plus with Gemini AI and More

Today, Google unveiled a major upgrade to its Chromebook line, introducing the new Chromebook Plus starting at $350 USD.

The latest models are equipped with advanced Google AI features, making them powerful tools for productivity and creativity.

Enhanced Writing with Help Me Write

One of the standout features is “Help Me Write,” a tool that brings the power of Google AI directly to your writing tasks. Whether you’re drafting a review, filling out a PDF form, or using a web app, simply right-click to get suggestions or adjust the tone of your text. This feature can generate text from scratch or refine existing content to make it more formal, concise, or rephrased to suit your needs.

Creative Tools: Magic Editor and AI Backgrounds

Chromebook Plus users can also take advantage of the Magic Editor in Google Photos, exclusive to these new devices. With just a few clicks, you can reposition objects, resize them, and enhance lighting and backgrounds for a polished look. Additionally, generative AI wallpapers and video call backgrounds are now built into the OS, allowing users to create unique virtual environments for their video conferences.

Gemini AI Integration

Google has integrated Gemini AI directly into the Chromebook Plus home screen. This tool assists with brainstorming, planning trips, and more. New Chromebook Plus buyers will receive a 12-month subscription to the Google One AI Premium plan, which includes Gemini Advanced, 2TB of storage, and Gemini in various Google Workspace apps.

New Features for All Chromebooks

Beyond the Chromebook Plus, Google is rolling out new features across all Chromebook models. These include simplified setup via Android phones, one-click access to Google Tasks, GIF screen recording, and a Game Dashboard for enhanced gaming experiences. The new Acer Chromebook Plus 516 GE is among the latest models featuring these upgrades.

Future Updates

Google promises ongoing updates to enhance the Chromebook experience. Upcoming features include “Help Me Read” with Gemini for summarizing and exploring content, seamless session continuity across devices, Focus mode for enhanced productivity, and AI-powered hands-free control.

With these innovations, Google aims to make Chromebooks more versatile and accessible, continuing to lead in the integration of AI technology in everyday computing.