Google Unveils Fitbit Ace LTE Smartwatch for Kids

Google Unveils Fitbit Ace LTE Smartwatch for Kids

Google has announced the release of the Fitbit Ace LTE, a new smartwatch designed for children aged 7 and up.

Set to be available on June 5, the Ace LTE aims to transform exercise into play while providing parents with reliable calling, messaging, and location sharing features.

The Ace LTE boasts fully immersive, interactive 3D games, developed specifically for the device. These games utilize haptics, sounds, and the accelerometer to engage kids, with new games promised every few months through the Fitbit Arcade.

The smartwatch recognizes and rewards various physical activities, from playing hide and seek to having sibling dance-offs. This activity is tracked on the “Noodle” activity ring on the home screen, celebrating kids’ achievements when they reach daily movement goals.

Developed by the Google Research team, the Ace LTE’s movement algorithm accurately measures children’s physical activity, encouraging diverse types of movement. Privacy is a key feature, with location data being visible only to parents and deleted after 24 hours, while activity data is erased after 35 days. The device features no ads, no third-party apps, and restricted contacts for calls and messages.

The watch introduces “eejies”, customizable creatures that thrive on daily activities. Kids earn arcade tickets to personalize their eejie’s appearance and environment by completing activities and playing games. Additionally, six collectible bands unlock different items, styles, and rooms when attached to the watch for the first time. These bands are sold separately, with new ones released regularly.

Parents can manage their child’s Ace LTE via the new Fitbit Ace app, which includes real-time location tracking, communication, and settings management like School Time to reduce distractions during class. In the coming months, the watch will support Tap to Pay, offering kids safe and easy access to pocket money.

The Ace LTE is water-resistant up to 50 meters, with a 328 mAh battery lasting over 16 hours and recharging in 70 minutes. It features a high-resolution display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and measures 41.04 x 44.89 x 13.35 mm, weighing 28g without a band.

Priced at $229.95, the Fitbit Ace LTE will be available exclusively on the Google Store and Amazon. The accompanying Fitbit Ace Pass data plan costs $9.99 per month or $119.99 annually, with a 50% discount available until August 31. Annual subscribers will also receive a free collectible Ace Band valued at $34.99.