Government Recovers Rs 34 Billion in Unprecedented Crackdown Against Power Theft

Government Recovers Rs 34 Billion in Unprecedented Crackdown Against Power Theft

Islamabad, November 26, 2023 – The government of Pakistan has successfully recovered an astounding Rs 34 billion during its ongoing crackdown against power theft.

The initiative, aimed at curbing electricity theft across the nation, has demonstrated tangible results, showcasing the effectiveness of the concerted efforts against this longstanding problem.

Statistics covering the period from September 7 to October 31 reveal that the government’s proactive measures led to the recovery of Rs 34 billion, accompanied by the arrest of 125,142 individuals involved in power theft activities. During this time frame, the country witnessed a notable reduction in losses attributed to electricity theft, with a decrease of Rs 12 billion.

The commitment to eradicating this menace has continued unabated, as evidenced by the data from November 1 to November 19. During this short span, an additional 14,769 individuals were apprehended, and Rs 36,547 million were successfully recovered. Among these figures, the capital city Islamabad saw 98 arrests, resulting in the recovery of Rs 175 million.

The crackdown has been particularly intense in key regions, with a total of 1,617 arrests made in Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and Multan. The monetary recovery from these areas amounted to a substantial Rs 1,439 million. Equally noteworthy is the operation in Peshawar, Hyderabad, Sukkur, and Quetta, where a total of 121 individuals were apprehended, leading to the recovery of an impressive Rs 5,520 million.

Government officials and relevant institutions involved in the crackdown against electricity theft remain resolute in their determination to sustain and intensify these efforts. The recent success is being attributed to a combination of advanced monitoring systems, increased surveillance, and the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies.

The crackdown is not only recovering substantial amounts of misappropriated funds but is also sending a strong deterrent message to those engaged in the illicit practice of stealing electricity. The significant decrease in losses over the reported period underscores the efficacy of the government’s strategy in addressing this critical issue, which has long plagued the energy sector and hindered sustainable development.

Citizens and businesses alike are anticipated to benefit from the crackdown as it contributes to the stability of the power infrastructure, resulting in improved service delivery and reduced electricity costs. The government’s commitment to ensuring transparency, accountability, and fairness in the energy sector is evident through these proactive measures against power theft.

As the crackdown continues, there is an expectation that these initiatives will not only recover additional funds but also contribute to a more robust and reliable power infrastructure, ultimately fostering economic growth and development across Pakistan.

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