Government to Link Conditions to Petroleum Dealer Margin Increase

Government to Link Conditions to Petroleum Dealer Margin Increase

Karachi, July 22, 2023 – The State Minister for Petroleum, Musadik Malik, has announced that the government will tie the increase in petroleum dealers’ margin to the fulfillment of certain conditions.

This decision comes in the wake of concerns about employee welfare and working conditions at petrol pumps across the country.

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During a press conference on Saturday, State Minister Malik stated that the government aims to ensure the well-being of employees in the petroleum retail sector. He emphasized that any increase in dealers’ margins would be contingent upon meeting specific conditions, primarily focusing on employees’ salaries and working hours.

To determine the appropriate adjustments, the petroleum ministry’s team conducted a comprehensive survey of two thousand petrol pumps in both urban and rural areas. The data collection process is expected to conclude on Monday, with the final report regarding dealers’ margins set to be issued on the same day.

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The report will delve into crucial aspects such as the provision of medical facilities, protection of employees’ salaries, and adherence to reasonable working hours. Petroleum dealers will be required to meet all the stipulated conditions to be eligible for an increase in their profit margins for operating their businesses.

In light of the impending decision, the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has deferred their planned protest strike, originally scheduled to begin on July 22, 2023. The PPDA has expressed their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with the government to address the margin issue and ensure the well-being of both dealers and their employees.

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However, it is essential to note that if a resolution regarding the margin matter is not reached by Monday, the government will make a final decision regarding the issue. State Minister Malik urged all stakeholders to engage in productive discussions during this interim period to arrive at an amicable solution.

The government’s decision to link conditions to the increase in petroleum dealer margins signals a commitment to prioritize the welfare of workers in the industry. As Monday approaches, stakeholders eagerly await the final report, hoping for a well-balanced and fair resolution to the matter at hand.

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