Hasan Ali’s Heartwarming Smile Shines After Dismissing Babar Azam

Hasan Ali’s Heartwarming Smile Shines After Dismissing Babar Azam

In a captivating twist during a Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2023 match, Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali chose to express his victory with a heartwarming smile instead of his usual exuberant celebration.

The encounter on August 13 between Colombo Strikers and Dambulla Aura witnessed this touching moment that piqued the interest of cricket enthusiasts.

During the game, Babar Azam, the esteemed captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, fell prey to Hasan Ali’s skillful bowling, departing the field after contributing 11 runs.

While spectators were anticipating Hasan Ali’s trademark celebratory display, they were treated to a genuine exchange of smiles between these two cricket luminaries.

After the match, Hasan Ali offered insights into his departure from the customary celebration. He revealed that his profound respect for Babar Azam played a significant role in his decision.

Recognizing Babar Azam’s dual role as both a teammate and the captain, Hasan Ali emphasized, “He is our leader and my skipper, so there’s always a profound sense of respect, which is why I refrained from celebrating.”

Hasan Ali acknowledged the weight of his achievement, underlining, “Dismissing Babar Azam within the circle was a monumental moment for me,” while appreciating Babar Azam’s game-changing skills.

Babar Azam’s outstanding performance in LPL 2023, where he stands as the leading run-scorer and the only centurion, further underscores the significance of Hasan Ali’s accomplishment.

Shifting the focus to the game itself, Dambulla Aura, Hasan Ali’s team, secured a commanding triumph with a 50-run margin against Colombo Strikers in a pivotal LPL 2023 clash.

The match witnessed Colombo Strikers struggling to reach a mere 116 runs while pursuing Dambulla Aura’s target of 167. As LPL 2023 advances, Dambulla Aura emerges as the clear front-runner, occupying the top spot on the points table with an impressive tally of 10 points.

In contrast, Colombo Strikers find themselves at the bottom of the league standings, accumulating a modest 4 points from 6 matches.

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