Imad Wasim Confident Pakistan Can Clinch ICC T20 World Cup

Imad Wasim Confident Pakistan Can Clinch ICC T20 World Cup

Pakistan’s veteran all-rounder Imad Wasim has expressed strong confidence in Pakistan’s chances at the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, slated to be held in the US and West Indies.

Speaking to reporters after a training session at Gaddafi Stadium, Imad emphasized the team’s capabilities and collective spirit.

“This team has the potential. If it plays up to its potential and plays like a unit then we cannot lose to any team and I believe in this,” he said, buoyed by the team’s recent performances and preparations. With the world cup just around the corner, the sentiment within the camp is palpably optimistic.

Imad, known for his pragmatic approach and experience, highlighted the significance of winning, not just participating. “Since long we have been playing semi-finals and finals but it’s a truth that no one remembers semi-finalists and finalists but they only remember champions. We want to bring the trophy home, and it’s the mentality of the entire team to win the World Cup,” he added, underscoring the team’s resolve to go all the way this time.

The seasoned cricketer also revealed his role in strategic discussions, affirming his readiness to support team captain Babar Azam with insights and tactics. “I have not returned to cricket for personal benefits. I have been attached with this country more emotionally and that is why I have returned to represent the country and finish on a high note. We will try to give happiness to the nation so that we could together celebrate it. It’s our mission and goal,” Imad stated, reflecting his deep personal commitment to Pakistan’s cricketing success.

Addressing the pressures of international competition, Imad mentioned his focus remains squarely on his performance, rather than external expectations. “I only take pressure from my performance and nothing else. I always try to deliver so that the team could win. There is no outside pressure on me and, yes, match pressure is always there,” he explained.

Imad also shared insights into the conditions and pitches in the US and West Indies, areas where he has significant experience through league cricket. “There are certain grounds where pitches are very difficult for batting. There are certain grounds where pitches are good for batting but wind is a major factor there and you know in island zones it happens,” he observed. He also mentioned how he has learned to utilize wind conditions to his advantage, a tactical nuance that could prove beneficial during the world cup.

The all-rounder’s adaptability will be key, as he is ready to bowl with both the new and old ball, an ability honed through varied experiences in different leagues around the world. “In the CPL I bowled with the old ball. In the Major League Cricket I have bowled with the new ball and so with different combinations, I have been used,” he added.

As the countdown to the ICC T20 World Cup begins, Imad Wasim’s confidence and readiness to adapt to different roles and conditions position him as a crucial asset for Pakistan’s quest for glory on the international stage. His leadership and experience will undoubtedly be pivotal in Pakistan’s campaign to capture the prestigious trophy.