Increased Price of US-150cc in Pakistan

Increased Price of US-150cc in Pakistan

The US-150cc, crafted locally by United Motorcycles in Pakistan, is not just a visual delight but also a powerhouse of performance, thanks to its robust engine.

This motorcycle has seamlessly blended style, power, and affordability, earning itself a coveted spot among enthusiasts. It has captured the hearts of riders nationwide, asserting its dominance on the roads with an irresistible charm.

Dazzling onlookers with its graceful and athletic aesthetics, the US-150 stands out wherever it ventures. Its sleek body solidifies its standing as the preferred choice for riders who prioritize both aesthetics and performance.


The reported ex-factory price of the US-150cc is PKR 330,000.


Under the hood, the US-150cc motorcycle boasts a 4-stroke SOHC single-cylinder engine, efficiently air-cooled. With a displacement of 149cc, this engine strikes a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency. The 9.1:1 compression ratio ensures optimal combustion and performance. The motorcycle is equipped with a 5-speed transmission system, enabling riders to seamlessly shift gears and navigate diverse road conditions.

Starting the engine is a breeze, thanks to the option of an arm assembly kick or the convenient self-start feature, providing flexibility to the rider. A reliable 12-volt battery powers the motorcycle’s electrical systems. The engine demands 1.25 liters of oil for smooth operation and lubrication. Additionally, the US-150cc motorcycle boasts a 13-liter fuel tank, offering an extended range for prolonged rides without frequent refueling.


Loaded with notable specifications, the US-150cc motorcycle features a front disk brake system for enhanced stopping power and precise vehicle control. The rear brake, a drum mechanical system, ensures reliable and efficient braking performance. The front tire size is 80/100-18MC (47P), providing excellent grip and stability on diverse road surfaces. The rear tire measures 90/90-18MC (51P), delivering a balanced blend of traction and durability.


Tailored for the Pakistani market, the exterior design of the US-150cc motorcycle is a fusion of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and local preferences. Sporting a dynamic and sporty styling, the motorcycle incorporates sharp lines, aggressive bodywork, and aerodynamic elements to convey a sense of speed and performance. The bodywork is meticulously designed for optimal aerodynamics, featuring a streamlined front fairing, integrated side panels, and a sleek tail section.

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