Indus Motors Reveals Locally Manufactured 4th Gen Corolla Cross

Indus Motors Reveals Locally Manufactured 4th Gen Corolla Cross

Indus Motor Company (IMC) has finally unveiled the highly anticipated 4th generation Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle, marking a significant milestone in the automotive market.

While the pricing details of this sleek SUV are yet to be revealed, the launch has generated immense excitement among enthusiasts.

In a recent social media announcement, Indus Motor Company shared the news of the launch of locally produced Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

The unveiling took place at a prestigious line-off ceremony held in Karachi, attended by key figures from Toyota and government dignitaries, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Yoshiyuki Takai, President of Toyota’s Emerging-market Compact Car Company, graced the occasion, emphasizing the importance of this innovation in the automotive landscape.

Following are the specifications of Toyota Corolla Cross:

Powerful Hybrid Engine:

The Toyota Corolla Cross is driven by a hybrid engine boasting a 1798cc capacity. With a Direct Shift Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in all three trims, the engine delivers an impressive 168 horsepower and 305 Nm torque. The SUV achieves a fuel efficiency of 18 km/l in the city and 20 km/l on the highway, utilizing a 36-liter fuel tank.

Striking Exterior Features:

The SUV’s front is characterized by a double trapezoid front grille, widening towards the bottom to convey strength and stability. Equipped with LED projector headlamps and daytime running lights (DRLs), the front also hosts LED fog lamps for enhanced visibility in adverse weather conditions.

The rear showcases combination headlamps with an LED light curtain effect, creating a sophisticated appearance. The power tailgate with a kick sensor adds convenience for loading and unloading cargo.

The Corolla Cross rides on stunning 17” alloy rims, providing an elegant and aggressive aesthetic.

Luxurious Interior Design:

Inside, the Corolla Cross boasts an exquisite Terra Rossa interior featuring leather seats that exude elegance and sophistication. The spacious interior offers excellent views, ample head clearance, and a class-leading luggage capacity of 407 liters. The 7-inch multi-information display is switchable between analog and digital speedometer displays, allowing drivers to program the back door’s opening height.

The car’s interior is equipped with automatic climate controls, rear air vents, USB charging ports, and a luggage compartment offering flexibility and convenience with cargo hooks and grocery bag hooks.

Comprehensive Safety Features:

Ensuring passenger safety, the Corolla Cross comes equipped with an array of features, including 7 SRS airbags, a robust braking system, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), seatbelts, hill-start assist, immobilizer, child restraint system, emergency stop signal, occupant seat sensor, and clearance and back sonar.

With its powerful hybrid engine, striking exterior features, luxurious interior, and comprehensive safety measures, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle stands out as a formidable choice in the competitive SUV market.