IR offices directed to observed extended working hours to facilitate taxpayers

IR offices directed to observed extended working hours to facilitate taxpayers

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken a proactive step to facilitate taxpayers by directing offices of Inland Revenue (IR) to observe extended working hours.

This decision aims to accommodate taxpayers and provide them with additional time to make duty and tax payments, emphasizing the FBR’s commitment to customer service and efficiency.

In a notification issued on Wednesday, the FBR directed all Inland Revenue offices, including Large Taxpayers Units (LTUs), Regional Tax Offices (RTOs), and Corporate RTOs, to extend their working hours until 6:00 PM on Friday, May 31, 2019. The extension is a one-time measure designed to ease the process of duty and tax payments for taxpayers.

The FBR’s decision to extend working hours on a specific day reflects a responsive approach to the needs of taxpayers, recognizing that they may face time constraints or operational challenges during regular business hours. By allowing taxpayers to access Inland Revenue offices beyond the usual working hours, the FBR aims to enhance convenience and accessibility.

Taxpayers often encounter tight deadlines or specific timelines for making duty and tax payments, and this extension provides them with a window of opportunity to fulfill their obligations without unnecessary stress. Additionally, the move aligns with the FBR’s broader objective of creating a taxpayer-friendly environment and fostering a culture of compliance.

The notification issued by the FBR serves as an official communication to Inland Revenue offices, instructing them to implement the extended working hours on the specified date. The directive is likely to be well-received by taxpayers, as it demonstrates the FBR’s commitment to facilitating smooth and hassle-free transactions.

The decision to extend working hours is in line with global best practices in tax administration, where tax authorities often adopt flexible measures to accommodate taxpayers’ needs. By providing extended hours, the FBR not only supports individual taxpayers but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the tax collection process.

It is important for taxpayers to be aware of this one-time extension on May 31, 2019, and to plan their visits to Inland Revenue offices accordingly. Taking advantage of the extended working hours can help taxpayers complete their transactions in a timely manner and avoid any potential disruptions.

As technology continues to play a significant role in modernizing tax administration, the FBR’s decision to extend working hours also underscores the importance of maintaining a balance between digital solutions and in-person services. While online platforms provide convenience, the option for extended office hours recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of taxpayers.

The FBR’s directive to extend working hours at Inland Revenue offices on May 31, 2019, is a customer-centric initiative aimed at providing taxpayers with additional flexibility. This one-time measure reflects the FBR’s commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of taxpayers and ensuring that the tax collection process is efficient, transparent, and accessible to all.