KATI seeks precautionary measures before rains

KATI seeks precautionary measures before rains

KARACHI: Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) has urged the authorities to take precautionary measures before heavy rains in order to avoid human and financial losses.

Patron-in-Chief S M Muneer and President Saleem-uz-Zaman has said that the Meteorological Department in coming days has forecast heavy rains in Karachi.

In such cases, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid any possible incident. K-Electric, at the request of KATI, had elevated the grid stations of the industrial area and secured the electrical installations to save precious lives, which has greatly reduced the risk of any possible accidents during rains.

They embassies on awareness campaigns and special messages should be issued to the people to take precautionary measures before the rains.

S M Muneer appealed to the people of Karachi, especially the employees and labors to be careful in the rains, stay away from electrical installations and avoid installing Kunda during rainy season.

Saleem-uz-Zaman requested the factory’s administrations of Korangi Industrial Area to take precautionary measures before the rains and save the lives of the employees.

President KATI suggested that special messages be issued by the concerned departments for pre-rain awareness and special teams be formed to protect precious human lives and property of the people from damage.

Saleem-uz-Zaman appealed to the government agencies to complete the repair of the city’s highways and manholes so that the rains do not become a nuisance for the citizens like last year.