Kia Introduces NBA-Themed Customization for EV9 Owners

Kia Introduces NBA-Themed Customization for EV9 Owners

Kia has announced the launch of personalized NBA-themed Display Themes for the EV9 model, set to revolutionize the driving experience. EV9 owners can infuse their vehicle’s cockpit with the vibrant colors and iconic logos of their beloved NBA teams, enhancing their connection to the game both on and off the court.

Fueling the excitement of this collaboration, Kia has introduced a new dimension of self-expression through its Digital Features and Services platform, tailored specifically for NBA enthusiasts.

Owners can now flaunt their team pride with customized 12.3-inch instrument clusters and AVN screens, reflecting the unique identity of each of the NBA’s 30 legendary teams.

The rollout of over-the-air updates for Display Themes commenced from April 9th, just in time to gear up for the NBA playoffs starting April 20th.

This innovative feature, initially exclusive to the 2024 EV9, will soon extend to other Kia models equipped with the cutting-edge Connected Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) infotainment system, promising a seamless integration of NBA themes across the Kia lineup.

Whether it is the iconic blue and golden yellow of the Golden State Warriors or the signature red, black, and white of the Chicago Bulls, fans can proudly display their allegiance with customized instrument clusters and infotainment screens. Select EV9 trims even offer unique welcome and goodbye videos, adding a personalized touch to the driving experience.

Pioneering the way in remote upgradability, the 2024 EV9 sets the stage for future innovations by offering NBA display themes before they’re available on other Kia models.

For a nominal fee of $39.99 per team, fans can access their favorite NBA themes through the Kia Connect Store’s Digital Features and Services, accessible via the Kia Access app or the Kia Owner Portal.

As Kia continues to elevate the driving experience through technology and innovation, the introduction of NBA-themed Display Themes marks a significant milestone in personalization and connectivity, bringing fans closer to the game they love, both on and off the road.