Kia Sportage Marks 30 Years of Success with New Special Edition SUV

Kia Sportage Marks 30 Years of Success with New Special Edition SUV

Kia Corporation is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its popular Sportage compact SUV in style. The automaker has launched a special edition of the 2024 Sportage, specially designed to commemorate this milestone.

Over the past three decades, the Sportage has made an enduring impact, with a remarkable seven million units sold globally across five generations.

Since 2015, it has held the title of Kia’s best-selling model, captivating drivers with its distinct design and exceptional performance. This outstanding achievement reflects Kia’s dedication to providing innovative, high-quality vehicles that stand the test of time.

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The 30th Anniversary Special Edition takes the Sportage to new heights by enhancing its specifications, focusing on convenience and safety.

Furthermore, it adds a touch of luxury and elevates the overall design appeal. This edition not only celebrates the model’s incredible history but also showcases Kia’s commitment to a promising future.

With its unparalleled comfort and advanced features, the 2024 Sportage 30th Anniversary Special Edition is set to delight car enthusiasts and loyal Kia customers in the Korean market and beyond.

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Special Edition of the 2024 Sportage:

The special edition of the 2024 Sportage is packed with upgraded features that prioritize convenience and safety while elevating the already luxurious and appealing design.

One significant improvement is the incorporation of acoustic laminated glass in the first and second rows, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable interior. Safety has also been enhanced to match the Sportage’s reputation as a trusted family vehicle, with the addition of eight airbags, including the innovative rear seat left and right-side airbags.

The 30th Anniversary Edition builds upon the iconic Signature Gravity trim and offers a range of appealing enhancements inside the cabin. Customers can choose from two exclusive color packs – green and black – while the seats boast a meticulously crafted suede and graphic perforated pattern, exuding a refreshing and premium feel. Adding a unique touch, the 30th-anniversary logo graces the headrests of both the driver and passenger seats.

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On the exterior, the bold and modern aesthetic is further accentuated with an extended application of gloss black elements to various areas of the vehicle.

Initially available in the Korean market, the Sportage 30th Anniversary Special Edition will gradually roll out in select markets, giving enthusiasts and loyal customers the chance to experience this exceptional model.

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