KTBA Alerts: IRS Portal Glitch Halts Reference Numbers

KTBA Alerts: IRS Portal Glitch Halts Reference Numbers

PkRevenue.com – The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has recently spotlighted a significant glitch in the IRS Portal, causing the cessation of displaying reference order numbers. This technical issue has created considerable inconvenience for taxpayers attempting to revise their sales tax returns.

In a formal letter addressed to Mufeeza Iqbal, Member (Information Technology) of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), KTBA President Syed Zafar Ahmed elaborated on the problem and its broader implications. Under Section 26(3) of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, a registered person is allowed to revise their sales tax return within 120 days of the original filing, provided they have the Commissioner’s approval. Should the 120-day window lapse, the taxpayer may still seek the Commissioner’s consent to condone the delay and proceed with the revision.

This procedural aspect, as outlined by the Act, is streamlined through the IRIS portal. The portal is designed to facilitate taxpayers in requesting online approval from the Commissioner for condonation under Section 74 of the Act, which is a prerequisite for revising the return under Section 26(3). However, the recent glitch in the IRIS portal disrupts this process by not displaying the ‘reference order number’ – a critical component for submitting the condonation application.

Syed Zafar Ahmed explained that the reference order number, which serves as the unique identifier for the return in need of revision, previously appeared automatically on the portal. Unfortunately, following a recent update, this number is no longer displayed, thereby hindering taxpayers from completing their condonation applications.

“Our Bar members have consistently encountered this issue when filing revision applications alongside condonation applications. Despite reporting this glitch to the FBR helpline through multiple emails, calls, and reminders, no effective response or resolution has been forthcoming,” stated Syed Zafar Ahmed.

The KTBA has urged Mufeeza Iqbal to intervene and instruct the Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. (PRAL) team to promptly address and resolve this issue. Restoring the reference order number generation on the IRIS portal is imperative for ensuring that taxpayers can fulfill their obligations without unnecessary delays or complications.

“We request the Member to take immediate action to rectify this technical problem. The smooth functioning of the IRIS portal is crucial for taxpayers to comply with their obligations seamlessly,” added the KTBA President.

This call to action highlights the necessity for swift technological solutions to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the tax filing process, ensuring that taxpayers can navigate their obligations without facing undue technical barriers.