KTBA elects office bearers, EC members for 2023

KTBA elects office bearers, EC members for 2023

Karachi: The Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) held its 66th Annual General Meeting on March 16, 2023, during which it elected new office bearers and members of the executive committee for the term 2023.

The election results were officially announced on Thursday.

Syed Zafar Ahmed secured the position of President of the bar for the term 2023, marking a significant responsibility as the head of the association. The newly elected office bearers and members of the executive committee include professionals with diverse expertise in taxation matters.

The complete list of the newly elected office bearers is as follows:

Office Bearers:

President: Syed Zafar Ahmed

Vice President: Iqbal Ahmad Abdan

General Secretary: Muhammad Mehmood Bikiya

Joint Secretary: Abdul Wahab

Librarian: Shiraz Khan

Executive Committee Members:

• Asim Rizwani Sheikh

• Ehtisham Qadir

• Mohammad Hanif Razzak

• Muhammad Zeeshan Merchant

• Murtaza Qurban

• Samiullah Khan

• Shams Mohiuddin Ansari

• Syed Hamza Ahmed Hashmi

These elected representatives will play pivotal roles in steering the Karachi Tax Bar Association, contributing to its objectives, and addressing the diverse challenges faced by tax professionals in the region. The varied backgrounds and experiences of the elected members reflect a commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advocacy within the tax community.

The KTBA serves as a vital platform for tax professionals in Karachi, facilitating networking opportunities, professional development, and discussions on tax-related issues. The newly elected leadership is expected to continue the association’s tradition of promoting excellence in the field of taxation and advocating for the interests of its members.

The President, Syed Zafar Ahmed, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him and assured the members of his commitment to advancing the goals and objectives of the Karachi Tax Bar Association during his tenure.

As the newly formed executive committee takes charge, the tax community in Karachi anticipates proactive initiatives, informative events, and effective representation on matters pertinent to taxation. The KTBA remains a key player in promoting a conducive environment for tax practitioners and fostering a culture of ethical and professional conduct within the industry.