Last day for non-compliant mobile phones

Last day for non-compliant mobile phones

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has reminded the public that today serves as the final day for non-compliant mobile phones to operate without any service interruptions.

All mobile devices, including those that are non-compliant but have SIM/IMEI functionality, currently active on Pakistani mobile networks as of January 15, 2019, will be allowed to continue functioning without disruption, the PTA has stated.

In an effort to ensure the seamless operation of non-compliant mobile devices, the PTA has introduced a system to pair such devices with the user’s mobile number. To check the status of a mobile device, individuals are advised to dial *#06# from the mobile device’s dialer. This action will provide a 15-digit IMEI number for each SIM card in the device. Subsequently, users should send each 15-digit IMEI number via SMS to the designated short code 8484.

The government had previously issued directives regarding an extension in the registration timeline for mobile devices under the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS). In accordance with these directives, all mobile devices that were already activated on cellular mobile networks within Pakistan by January 15, 2019, will continue to function without any disruption to their service.

Even non-compliant devices that were in operation prior to this date will be linked to the respective mobile numbers and will remain operational throughout the useful life of the device, as confirmed by the PTA.

The establishment of the Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) by the PTA is in accordance with the Telecom Policy of 2015, issued by the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom. This initiative aims to combat counterfeit mobile phone usage, deter mobile phone theft, and safeguard the interests of consumers.

For the convenience of Pakistani mobile device users seeking to verify the status of their devices, the PTA has provided multiple options. Users can send each 15-digit IMEI number via SMS to 8484. Alternatively, the status of the mobile device can be checked through the PTA website at or by downloading the DIRBS Android mobile application.

For additional details and information, individuals are encouraged to visit the PTA website at Today’s deadline underscores the importance of compliance with mobile device regulations, ensuring that mobile devices meet the necessary standards and are properly registered, all in line with the government’s efforts to enhance security and protect consumers.

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    1. In our opinion the authorities are verifying IMEI number. Any device having IMEI number has to go through verification process. You better to consult to relevant authorities about Tabs.

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