Mandatory training courses for promotions to be completed through tele-teaching

ISLAMABAD: The mandatory training courses for promotion of government officers including from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will be held online considering COVID-19 pandemic, a notification said.

In this regard National School of Public Policy (NSPP) informed that all the courses of NSPP i.e. 112th National Management Course (NMC), 27th Senior Management Courses (SMC) and 29th Mid-Career Management Course (NCMC) have been redesigned keeping in view the prevailing health emergency on account of of COVID-19.

“Remaining training activities will be completed through remote tele-teaching mode by using Zoom/Skype and e-portal of respective courses,” it said.

“These essentially comprise of Simulation Exercise, Case Studies, Analysis Papers, Topical Discussions and Research Papers particularly related to the foreign study tour of the respective country assigned to different participants of NMC.”

The notification said that the courses had been rescheduled by reducing the duration of three weeks of NMC, five weeks of SMC and three weeks of MCMC respectively subject to the slight modifications by the respective NIMs made keeping in view the activities completed before the suspension of the courses.

The participants have been asked to join the 112th NMC, 27th SMC and 29th MCMC respectively with effect from June 01, 2020 through e-portal of the respective unit.

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