Matthew Lewis Not Eager to Return for Harry Potter Reboot

Matthew Lewis Not Eager to Return for Harry Potter Reboot

Matthew Lewis, widely recognized for his portrayal of Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, has expressed little interest in returning to the Wizarding World, even with the upcoming Harry Potter TV series on the horizon.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Lewis discussed the possibility of reprising his beloved character for the Max reboot. Despite the buzz surrounding the new series, Lewis conveyed that he is in no rush to revisit the franchise.

“The reason I got into this job in the first place was because I have a very short attention span,” Lewis explained during an event at the Harry Potter New York store. “I am very, very poor at maintaining anything for any length of time. I’ve had many, many hobbies and passions over the years. Not a single one do I still do. I fall madly in love with things and then almost immediately forget about them.”

However, Lewis didn’t completely rule out the possibility of a return. “It’s not something I’m looking at or want to do but would not turn my nose up at,” he added. “I’d be very interested to see if it was Neville as an adult—a whole different vibe. That could be interesting. I would certainly look at that and consider it.”

Warner Bros. Discovery has announced an ambitious ten-year Harry Potter relaunch, which will adapt each of J.K. Rowling’s books into a new TV series set to premiere on Max in 2026. The series aims to capture the magic of the original novels while offering fresh takes and perspectives on the beloved stories.

While fans eagerly anticipate the revival, Lewis’s comments suggest that any involvement from the original cast members would be under careful consideration. His openness to the idea of exploring an adult version of Neville Longbottom offers a glimmer of hope for fans who would love to see familiar faces return.

As the Harry Potter universe prepares for its next chapter, audiences worldwide are excited to see how the new series will unfold and whether any original cast members will reprise their iconic roles. For now, Matthew Lewis remains focused on new ventures, leaving the door slightly ajar for a possible future return to the magical world that catapulted him to fame.