Meezan Bank and Befiler Partner to Revolutionize Freelancer Tax Services

Meezan Bank and Befiler Partner to Revolutionize Freelancer Tax Services

Karachi, December 7, 2023: Meezan Bank, the vanguard of Islamic banking in Pakistan, has entered into a formalized partnership with Befiler, heralding a new era in the provision of tax facilitation services for freelancers.

This collaboration seeks to elevate the experience of Meezan Freelancer Account holders, encompassing those with Meezan Digi Freelancer Accounts, by granting them exclusive access to discounted rates on an array of tax-related services offered by Befiler, an eminent player in the tax facilitation arena.

The covenant between Meezan Bank and Befiler is poised to redefine the landscape of tax-related solutions for freelancers, ensuring that Meezan Freelancer Account holders benefit from a meticulously streamlined and efficient process. Befiler, a trailblazer in the tax facilitation industry, is set to extend services ranging from National Tax Number (NTN) registration with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to the meticulous monthly filing of Sales Tax Returns.

The official signing ceremony, a testament to the synergy between these financial stalwarts, unfolded at Meezan House in Karachi. Attended by luminaries from both organizations, the ceremony saw the esteemed presence of Zia ul Hasan, Group Executive of Operations and Branch Banking at Meezan Bank, and Mr. Akbar Tejani, the Co-Founder & CEO of Befiler.

Zia ul Hasan, expressing his sentiments on the collaboration, remarked, “Meezan Bank’s partnership with Befiler speaks directly to the unique needs of its customers, empowering individuals entrenched in the freelancing sector and fostering overall growth and financial well-being.”

To avail themselves of the discounted taxation-related services offered by Befiler, Meezan Freelancer Account holders and Meezan Digi Freelancer Account holders will be seamlessly notified through an introductory email/SMS from Meezan Bank. This communication will be an exhaustive compendium, furnishing all pertinent details alongside a bespoke promo code, unlocking the gateway to exclusive discounts.

This strategic alliance between Meezan Bank and Befiler is not only a testament to their commitment to client-centric innovation but also a harbinger of a more seamless and cost-effective future for freelancers navigating the intricate landscape of taxation. As the freelance economy continues to burgeon, this collaboration stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for financial institutions to cater to the evolving needs of the modern workforce.