Minister Labels Power Tariff Reduction as Eid Gift for Citizens

Minister Labels Power Tariff Reduction as Eid Gift for Citizens

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Attaullah Tarar, hailed the recent reduction in electricity tariffs as a special Eid-ul-Fitr gift from the government to the citizens.

In a statement to a private TV channel on Thursday, Minister Tarar underscored the government’s commitment to alleviate the burden of inflation, emphasizing Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s focus on curbing rising prices.

According to the minister, there has been a significant decrease of Rs 3.82 in power tariffs in the month of April compared to the previous month. He attributed this reduction to the stabilization of the rupee against the dollar, highlighting that the quarterly adjustment of tariffs is contingent upon the dollar rate.

“Before our government, entrepreneurs and exporters were facing difficulties,” remarked Minister Tarar, praising the efforts of the Shehbaz Sharif government in steering the country away from default and stabilizing the exchange rate and the value of the rupee through prudent policies.

Tarar expressed optimism about the future trajectory of electricity tariffs, stating that if current conditions persist, further reductions could be expected. He pointed out that the value of the rupee remained stable during the caretaker regime, indicating positive prospects for continued tariff decreases.

Highlighting international recognition of Pakistan’s economic progress, Minister Tarar referenced reports from prominent financial journals. He cited Bloomberg magazine’s acknowledgment of a two percent decrease in inflation in Pakistan, with predictions of further decreases in the coming year.

Regarding the government’s stance on combating electricity theft, Minister Tarar affirmed that stringent measures would be taken against perpetrators. He assured that a crackdown will be initiated against electricity pilferers to curb losses and ensure fair distribution of electricity resources.

Minister Attaullah Tarar portrayed the reduction in electricity tariffs as a tangible manifestation of the government’s commitment to addressing economic challenges and providing relief to the citizens, particularly during the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. He reiterated the government’s determination to pursue policies that promote economic stability and prosperity for all.