Minister Sets April 23 Deadline for Electricity Theft Elimination

Minister Sets April 23 Deadline for Electricity Theft Elimination

Federal Minister for Power, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, has announced a bold deadline of April 23, 2024, for eradicating electricity theft across Pakistan.

In a concerted effort to combat this longstanding issue, Minister Leghari has issued strict instructions to power distribution companies (Discos) and field personnel to intensify efforts towards eliminating electricity theft from the country’s power grid.

Recognizing the detrimental impact of electricity theft on the nation’s economy and the reliability of the power supply, Minister Leghari has emphasized the urgency of taking decisive action. Under his directive, all Discos’ chairmen and CEOs have been tasked with mobilizing resources effectively to root out this illegal practice.

In a letter addressed to relevant authorities, Minister Leghari underscored the importance of a thorough verification process to ensure the complete elimination of electricity theft. To this end, Superintendent Engineers, Executive Engineers, Subdivisional Officers, and field staff have been instructed to issue certificates certifying the absence of theft in their operational areas.

The minister’s directive signals a comprehensive crackdown on electricity theft, with stringent measures being implemented to identify and neutralize every avenue used for illegal connections or tampering with meters. Any instances of discrepancies or evidence of complicity will be met with swift legal and disciplinary actions against responsible personnel within the departments.

Moreover, Minister Leghari has called for amendments to existing laws to enforce severe penalties for employees found involved in facilitating or perpetrating electricity theft. By strengthening deterrents and enforcing strict accountability measures, the government aims to instill a culture of compliance and integrity within the power sector.

The government’s unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against electricity theft reflects its dedication to ensuring a fair and transparent power distribution system for all citizens. Minister Leghari has reiterated that performance evaluations will be conducted regularly to maintain vigilance against lapses or irregularities in the enforcement of anti-theft measures.

The deadline set by Minister Leghari underscores the urgency of addressing electricity theft as a critical priority for the government. By eliminating this illegal practice, Pakistan aims to bolster its energy infrastructure, improve service delivery, and promote sustainable economic growth.

In conclusion, Minister Leghari’s directive to eliminate electricity theft by April 23, 2024, signifies a determined effort by the government to safeguard the integrity of the power sector and ensure equitable access to electricity for all citizens. With rigorous enforcement measures in place, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to combating electricity theft and fostering a conducive environment for sustainable development.