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Ministry issues import, export of e-commerce rules

ISLAMABAD: The ministry of commerce has issued rules for assessment and clearance of imported or exported goods through e-commerce.

The ministry issued SRO 14(I)/2021 for the application of the rules that will apply for assessment and clearance of imported or exported goods of business to consumer (B2C) transactions through authorized dealer via designated customs stations.

However, these rules will not apply on the following goods:

(a) Goods requiring testing of samples;

(b) Animals;

(c) Perishable goods;

(d) Food stuff including beverages;

(e) Medicines of any sort;

(f) Alcoholic drinks;

(g) Restricted items subject to fulfillment of import and export regulations under the relevant law;

(h) Prohibited under sections 15 and 16 of the Customs Act, 1969 along with allied law; and

(i) Import and export goods which are intended for clearance from customs stations or airport other than at which arrived.

The ministry defined the e-commerce as buying and selling of goods or services including digital products through electronic transactions conducted via the internet or other computer mediated (online communication) networks.

According to the rules, the registered courier shall file the prior arrival manifest of e-commerce goods. The risk management system shall be applied at the manifest filing stage.

A consumer shall provide the details of shipment and e-commerce importer. E-commerce goods of the consumer shall be cleared upon provision of information prior to the manifest or post arrival of the goods.

The goods declaration shall be filed by the registered courier on behalf of e-commerce importer and exporter on the specified type of goods declaration for the purpose of e-commerce.

The goods shall be cleared upon examination and assessment through WeBOC system upon decision by the RMS.

Duty and taxes shall be paid by the e-commerce importer and exporter through methods, included: self payment by the e-commerce importer and exporter through a unique payment ID; or payment through authorized registered courier.