Netflix Ends Basic Ad-Free Plan, Overhauls Subscription Options

Netflix Ends Basic Ad-Free Plan, Overhauls Subscription Options

Netflix has officially retired its Basic plan, the least expensive ad-free option, which was priced at $10 USD/€5 EUR per month.

The change, initially announced earlier this year, is now taking effect, with numerous users on Reddit reporting notifications from the streaming giant informing them that their Basic plans are ending.

Subscribers impacted by this change are being prompted to select from Netflix’s remaining plans: the $7 USD/€6 EUR ad-supported plan, or the two other ad-free options, priced at $15.50 USD for Full HD and $23.00 USD for 4K quality.

The ad-supported plan, introduced in 2022, has quickly gained traction despite not being available in all markets yet. With a subscription base of 40 million, it appears to be a popular choice for budget-conscious viewers. However, this plan comes with certain limitations. Due to licensing restrictions, some TV shows and movies are not accessible under the ad-supported tier. On a positive note, ads are not shown on Kids profiles, and Netflix Games remains ad-free.

Users considering a switch to the ad-supported plan should review the content availability in their region. Netflix has made it convenient for subscribers to check the plans available in their country and their respective costs through an official page, which includes a dropdown menu for easy navigation between different countries.

As of now, the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, and Australia, among others, no longer list the Basic plan. This move is part of Netflix’s broader strategy to streamline its subscription offerings and potentially push more users towards the higher-priced plans, which offer enhanced viewing quality and a more extensive content library.

For many subscribers, the choice will now hinge on whether to accept ads in exchange for a lower price or to upgrade to the more premium, ad-free options. This change marks a notable shift in Netflix’s approach to its pricing structure and reflects ongoing trends in the streaming industry, where companies are exploring various models to balance affordability with profitability.