New ‘Highlander’ Reboot Stars Henry Cavill in Lead Role

New ‘Highlander’ Reboot Stars Henry Cavill in Lead Role

The highly anticipated Highlander reboot is finally making significant strides, with director Chad Stahelski providing an update on pre-production and a tentative filming start date.

The franchise, which began with the 1986 cult classic starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, is set to return with Henry Cavill stepping into the iconic role of Connor MacLeod, the immortal warrior.

After years of development, the project is advancing with Lionsgate, and Stahelski, famed for his work on the John Wick series, is at the helm. Filming is scheduled to commence in January 2025 in Scotland, with pre-production already in progress.

In a recent interview, Stahelski shared his excitement about the project. “We start shooting in January in Scotland – that’s why I go right after I leave,” he revealed. “I go to Scotland on Monday to do the final location scout.”

Stahelski’s vision for the Highlander reboot promises a faithful adaptation, retaining many characters from the original movie and incorporating elements from the TV series. “A lot of the same characters” will make a return, ensuring that the reboot honors its roots while introducing fresh dynamics.

The director also confirmed that the film will act as “a prequel setup to the Gathering,” aiming to re-establish and expand the Highlander universe. This strategic approach is intended to lay the groundwork for future installments, offering a comprehensive reimagining of the beloved franchise.

Henry Cavill, best known for his roles in “The Witcher” and as Superman, will portray Connor MacLeod. However, other key roles, including the primary antagonist Kurgan, originally played by Clancy Brown, are yet to be cast.

While fans eagerly await more casting announcements and plot details, no official release date has been confirmed. Nonetheless, the commitment to starting production in January 2025 marks a significant milestone, bringing the Highlander reboot closer to realization.

As the Highlander franchise prepares for its revival, enthusiasts can look forward to a new chapter that honors the original’s legacy while paving the way for future adventures.