OGDCL Announces Significant Gas Discovery in Sindh, Pakistan

OGDCL Announces Significant Gas Discovery in Sindh, Pakistan

Karachi, April 8, 2024 – The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) made a significant announcement on Monday, revealing a substantial gas discovery from a well located in Sindh province of Pakistan, district of Sujawal.

This development marks a milestone in Pakistan’s energy sector, promising to bolster the country’s hydrocarbon reserves.

In a communication dispatched to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), OGDCL disclosed that it had made the gas discovery as the operator of the Nur Development and Production Lease (D&PL). The discovery was made at the exploratory Well Nur West #01, situated in district Sujawal.

Providing further details of the discovery, OGDCL outlined that the structure of Nur West #01 was drilled and tested utilizing the company’s in-house expertise, reaching a depth of 2975 meters. The well yielded an impressive flow rate of 1.24 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) of gas through a 32/64” choke at a wellhead flowing pressure of 150 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). The gas was extracted from the Lower Goru Formation (‘A’ Sand), and the discovery is currently being evaluated as Tight Gas.

This notable discovery at Nur West #01, achieved through Pakistan’s diligent exploration strategy, signifies the opening of new avenues that will contribute significantly to augmenting OGDCL’s hydrocarbon reserve base, as well as benefiting the nation’s energy resources.

In line with its strategic direction, OGDCL has embarked on a fast-track implementation of its tight gas exploration program, underscoring its commitment to enhancing energy resources and meeting the nation’s growing energy needs.

The announcement of this gas discovery is poised to have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s energy landscape. With energy security being a critical concern for the country, discoveries of this magnitude are instrumental in reducing dependency on imports and ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply.

Moreover, the gas discovery holds the potential to stimulate economic growth and development in the region, creating employment opportunities and attracting investment in related industries. It also aligns with the government’s vision of promoting indigenous energy resources to achieve self-sufficiency and reduce reliance on external sources.

As OGDCL moves forward with the evaluation and development of this gas discovery, stakeholders across the energy sector will keenly observe the progress and its impact on the country’s energy security and economic prosperity. The successful exploration efforts by OGDCL underscore the importance of continued investment in the exploration and development of Pakistan’s abundant natural resources, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable energy future.