Overseas Pakistanis to be allowed bring duty-free hybrid vehicles

Overseas Pakistanis to be allowed bring duty-free hybrid vehicles

ISLAMABAD: In order to recognize the services of overseas Pakistanis, the government is considering to allow bringing duty-free hybrid vehicles into the country.

A statement said that the Ministry of Overseas Pakistan has proposed a major reward for Overseas Pakistanis in recognition of their services for the country and for their enduring convenience abroad.

The ministry is currently in the process of developing a list of major concessions and privileges to be given to Overseas Pakistanis for which all stakeholders and various departments have been requested to offer their concessional proposals.

It is for this reason; the Commerce Division has been requested to give their opinion on allowing Overseas Pakistanis, who remit one hundred thousand dollars to Pakistan in two years’ time, to bring one hybrid vehicle up to 3000cc without any duty.

The Commerce Division has proposed sending the same to the Ministry of Industry and Production/Engineering Development Board (EDB) to obtain their opinion.

The departments have been requested to submit their comments on the proposal as soon as possible so that the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis can prepare this list within a stipulated time as advised by the Prime Minister’s office.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OPHRD) and Chairman National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, announced his full support for the move, reiterating that the project would not only reward overseas Pakistanis for contributing to the national treasury, but would also curtail Hundi and Hawala culture.

PM’s advisor Zulfi Bukhari is currently on a three-day tour to Doha, Qatar where he is meeting with Qatar Officials to promote tourism and investment in Pakistan.