Pakistan Blocks Mobile Phone SIMs Issued on Expired CNICs

Pakistan Blocks Mobile Phone SIMs Issued on Expired CNICs

In a bid to enhance security measures and streamline service delivery, Pakistan has taken a significant step by deciding to block SIM cards of mobile phones associated with expired or invalid Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs).

This move, initiated by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Interior, Mohsin Naqvi, aims to bolster the integrity of identity verification processes and ensure the safety of citizens’ data.

During his recent visit to the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) headquarters, Minister Mohsin Naqvi directed the authorities to take proactive measures in this regard. He emphasized the importance of adhering to stringent protocols and urged NADRA to swiftly block mobile SIMs linked to invalid or expired CNICs, thus mitigating potential security risks associated with unauthorized usage of telecommunications services.

Additionally, Minister Naqvi underscored the need to revamp NADRA’s service delivery infrastructure across the country. Drawing inspiration from the successful model of police stations established in Punjab, he advocated for the establishment of model NADRA offices nationwide. Such initiatives, he asserted, would enhance operational efficiency, facilitate public convenience, and elevate the overall standard of service provision.

Welcoming Minister Naqvi’s directives, NADRA Chairman Lieutenant General Muhammad Munir Afsar reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to ensuring data security and enhancing customer experience. He outlined plans to waive fees for death certificates to alleviate financial burdens on citizens and underscored the importance of safeguarding confidential information through robust security measures.

In line with the government’s vision for digital transformation, Minister Naqvi emphasized leveraging mobile platforms and social media to amplify NADRA’s outreach efforts. He commended Chairman Afsar for his exemplary leadership, acknowledging NADRA’s evolution into a more public-friendly institution under his stewardship.

As part of the ongoing environmental conservation efforts, Minister Naqvi actively participated in a plantation campaign at the NADRA headquarters, symbolizing the government’s commitment to sustainable development.

During a comprehensive briefing, Chairman Afsar presented NADRA’s roadmap for 2024-2025, highlighting key initiatives aimed at modernizing infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity measures, and expanding online registration services. Plans to introduce self-service kiosks at registration centers and extend operating hours, including service provision on weekends, underscore NADRA’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for citizens, including those residing abroad.

The implementation of these strategic initiatives signals Pakistan’s proactive stance in leveraging technology to improve governance, enhance security, and elevate citizen services. As the country continues on its path of digital transformation, stakeholders anticipate further advancements aimed at fostering inclusive growth and prosperity.