Pakistan Cricketers Maroof, Fatima Injured in Car Accident

Pakistan Cricketers Maroof, Fatima Injured in Car Accident

Pakistan’s former cricket captain, Bismah Maroof, and leg-spinner Ghulam Fatima were involved in a car accident on Friday evening, as revealed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

While the extent of their injuries remains undisclosed, the PCB assured that both players received immediate medical attention and are currently under the care of the medical team.

The PCB released a statement regarding the incident, clarifying that Maroof and Fatima sustained “minor injuries” in the accident. However, they were swiftly provided with initial medical aid, underscoring the priority given to their well-being.

Both athletes are now under the close observation of the PCB medical staff, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support during their recovery process.

This unfortunate incident comes at a crucial juncture as Pakistan prepares to host the West Indies for a series of cricket matches, including ICC Women’s Championship ODI series and T20Is.

Maroof and Fatima’s participation in the upcoming series remains uncertain, pending their recovery from the injuries sustained in the accident. Their absence could potentially impact the team’s performance, highlighting the significance of their swift recuperation.

The PCB also provided an update on the preliminary squad selected for a training camp ahead of the series against the West Indies. Maroof and Fatima are among the probables attending the camp, emphasizing the need for their timely recovery to ensure their availability for the upcoming matches.

The squad comprises a talented lineup of players, including Aliya Riaz, Ayesha Zafar, Diana Baig, Nida Dar, and others, reflecting the depth of Pakistan’s women’s cricket talent pool.

As Pakistan gears up to host the West Indies, the focus remains on Maroof and Fatima’s health and their potential inclusion in the playing squad.

Their experience and expertise are invaluable assets to the team, and their absence could pose challenges for Pakistan in the series ahead. The PCB, along with the medical team, is working diligently to facilitate their recovery and provide them with the necessary support during this time.

While the details of the accident remain undisclosed, the PCB’s swift response in providing medical assistance to Maroof and Fatima underscores their commitment to the players’ well-being.