Pakistan Invests Rs 70 Billion in Telecom Infrastructure and Digital Connectivity

Pakistan Invests Rs 70 Billion in Telecom Infrastructure and Digital Connectivity

KARACHI: Pakistan has made substantial investments totaling over Rs 70 billion in various telecom infrastructure and digital connectivity development projects over the past three years, according to Syed Aminul Haq, former Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony held in his honor by Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) Chairman Zohaib Khan and SI Global Solution Chief Executive Officer Nauman Ahmed Saeed in Karachi, Haq discussed the significant achievements during his tenure.

Haq highlighted the establishment of the Special Facilitation Investment Council (SIFC) just before the end of the government’s term. The SIFC was designed to accelerate the growth of the information and communication technology sector in response to evolving needs. He commended the visionary leadership of former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Army Chief General Asim Munir.

During his speech, Haq extended his best wishes to Caretaker Minister of IT, Dr. Umar Saif, expressing confidence in his ability to continue driving the ministry’s success in the field of information technology. He emphasized several achievements during his tenure, including:

Providing free online training to 3.6 million young individuals across 15 courses.

Creating over 400,000 employment opportunities through National Incubation Centers.

Investing more than 42 billion rupees in the IT sector in Karachi and Islamabad.

Developing state-of-the-art information technology parks offering job opportunities to 118,000 Karachi youth.

Expanding mobile network access to 40 million people in remote regions at a cost of Rs 78 billion.

Haq also highlighted the successful completion of 83 projects during his tenure, focusing on tangible actions over mere rhetoric. He emphasized that the results of these efforts are expected to become apparent in the coming months, transcending regional and linguistic divisions.

In his welcome address, CEO of SI Global, Noman Said, praised the ministry’s decision to integrate all its departments under one roof, which significantly improved the overall performance of the IT sector.
Under Haq’s leadership, Pakistan witnessed the emergence of several brands and initiatives, including Tech Destination, cloud computing, cybersecurity policies, and freelancing. Noman expressed hope that these projects would continue with the same dedication in the next five years.

PASHA Chairman Zohaib Khan stressed the importance of collaboration with stakeholders and the continuation of policies as crucial factors for the sector’s growth in the caretaker setup. He noted that Pakistan’s IT industry had significantly expanded its international exposure through participation in global IT sector events over the past three years.

Distinguished figures from the IT industry, including Jahan Ara, former president of PASHA, Asif Peer, CEO Systems Limited, Nadeem Elahi, CEO Ibex, and Azfar Ahsan, former State Minister, also attended the event, celebrating the achievements and future prospects of Pakistan’s IT and telecom sector.

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