Pakistan Petroleum Limited Announces Major Gas Discovery in Sindh Province

Pakistan Petroleum Limited Announces Major Gas Discovery in Sindh Province

Karachi, November 20, 2023 – Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) revealed on Monday a significant breakthrough in the energy sector with the discovery of gas and condensate in District Sujawal of the Sindh Province.

The announcement was made through a communication to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), wherein PPL disclosed the successful exploration in the Shah Bandar Block.

The gas and condensate discovery originated from the exploration well Jhim East X-1, situated in Block 2467-16 (Shah Bandar) in District Sujawal, Sindh Province. Remarkably, this marks the second discovery within the Shah Bandar Block, showcasing the potential of this region as a valuable asset for the energy industry.

PPL operates Block 2467-16 (Shah Bandar) Exploration License with a substantial 63 percent working interest (WI). Joint Venture Partners include Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) with 32 percent WI, Sindh Energy Holding Company Limited (SEHCL), and Government Holding Private Limited (GHPL), each holding a 2.5 percent WI.

The exploration well, Jhim East X-1, was meticulously drilled to a depth of 2,545 meters to assess the hydrocarbons potential of the upper sand of the lower Goru Formation. The drilling process, coupled with acquired wireline logs, identified potential hydrocarbon-bearing zones, setting the stage for the promising discovery.

Upon testing of the Lower Goru Upper Sand (A Sand), the well exhibited a substantial flow, delivering 13.69 million Standard Cubic Feet per Day of gas and 236 barrels per day of condensate. This impressive output was achieved at a wellhead flowing pressure (WHFP) of 2,688 psig with a 32/64” choke. As part of the ongoing evaluation process, the well is being further assessed to gather essential information about its performance.

It is noteworthy that the drilling and testing procedures were conducted with indigenous expertise, showcasing the capability of the local workforce in contributing to major advancements in the energy sector. This discovery is anticipated to augment hydrocarbon reserves, thereby addressing the persistent gap between the supply and demand of oil and gas. Importantly, the find is poised to play a pivotal role in mitigating the current energy crisis in the country and contributing significantly to the conservation of foreign exchange reserves.

The announcement comes at a crucial juncture when Pakistan is grappling with energy shortages, and the newfound reserves hold the promise of alleviating the strain on the national energy grid. PPL’s commitment to utilizing local expertise not only underscores the nation’s self-reliance but also positions Pakistan as a key player in the global energy landscape.

The gas and condensate discovery in District Sujawal is expected to have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s energy security and economic stability. As the evaluation of the well continues, stakeholders are optimistic about the positive impact this breakthrough will have on the nation’s energy landscape.