Pakistan Railways Revives Safari Tourist Train

Pakistan Railways Revives Safari Tourist Train

Pakistan Railways, in collaboration with PK-Unicorn, is set to revive the beloved Safari Tourist Train, offering an enhanced travel experience aimed at exploring the rich cultural heritage of the Pothohar region.

The train is scheduled to resume operations on Sunday, April 21, 2024, marking a significant boost to local tourism.

The launch event will take place at the Golra Railway Station at 9:00 AM, with prominent figures such as Secretary Railway Board Abdul-Malik and Divisional Superintendent Rawalpindi Noor Uddin in attendance. The ceremony will set the stage for the train’s inaugural journey, which promises a host of activities and experiences designed to celebrate the historical and cultural significance of the region.

Guests aboard the inaugural trip will enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, followed by a journey filled with cultural entertainment including face painting and live music. The train will travel from Golra to Attock Khurd Station via Hassan Abdaal, offering passengers a unique opportunity to delve into the history and landscapes of the Pothohar plateau.

Upon reaching Attock Khurd, travelers will have the chance to engage in various activities such as river visits and camel riding. A special lunch featuring local cuisine will be served, providing a taste of the region’s culinary offerings. This immersive experience aims to showcase the local heritage and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for both domestic and international tourists.

The Safari Tourist Train has been outfitted with three coaches and a parlor car, catering to different preferences and budgets. Ticket prices are set at Rs 2000 for economy class, while the deluxe package, which includes meals, is priced at Rs 4500. This pricing strategy makes the train journey accessible to a wide range of travelers, encouraging greater participation in Pakistan’s cultural tourism.

The revival of the Safari Tourist Train is part of Pakistan Railways’ broader initiative to promote tourism and economic development in the region. By partnering with PK-Unicorn, the railway hopes to enhance the overall quality and appeal of the tourist train, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

This initiative not only aims to revive a beloved travel tradition but also seeks to contribute to the economic vitality of the Pothohar region through increased tourist activity. The train’s route, passing through historically rich and scenic locales, offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment, making it an attractive option for families, history enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike.

As the Safari Tourist Train prepares to welcome passengers once again, it stands as a testament to Pakistan Railways’ commitment to leveraging cultural heritage as a means to stimulate tourism and foster regional growth. This endeavor is expected to attract a significant number of tourists, providing a boost to local businesses and promoting a positive image of Pakistan as a diverse and culturally rich tourist destination.