Peshawar Customs Intelligence to Auction Confiscated Vehicles on July 18

Peshawar Customs Intelligence to Auction Confiscated Vehicles on July 18

Peshawar, July 14, 2023 – The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I), Peshawar, has announced an upcoming auction of confiscated motor vehicles scheduled to take place on July 18, 2023.

The auction presents an opportunity for prospective buyers to acquire these seized vehicles.

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The directorate has released a list of motor vehicles that will be up for auction. The vehicles on the auction block include the following:

1. Toyota Premio Motor Car, 2007:

• Fake Registration No.: LE-19-9140

• Chassis No.: ZRT260-3013780

2. Toyota Vitz Motor Car, 2004:

• Fake Registration No.: AAP-211

• Chassis No.: SCP13-0040170

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3. Toyota Rav-4 Jeep, 1995 (as per website):

• Fake Registration No.: JSA-041

• Chassis No.: SXA10-0106843

4. Suzuki Pickup, 1991:

• Fake Registration No.: WAJ-846

• Chassis No.: DB51T-137116

5. Toyota Coaster, 2003:

• Fake Registration No.: JG-0995

• Chassis No.: JTGEG538X00001398

6. Mini Cooper Motor Car, 2004:

• Fake Registration No.: AUG-805

• Chassis No.: WIVIVVRA32060TE74469

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7. Toyota Corolla G Motor Car, 2004:

• Fake Registration No.: BC-2327

• Chassis No.: NZE121-3271763

8. Toyota Corolla (X) Motor Car, 2001:

• Fake Registration No.: LWR-8040

• Chassis No.: NZE121-3085577

Interested buyers can participate in the auction on the specified date, and the highest bidders will secure ownership of the confiscated vehicles. This auction serves as an opportunity for individuals to acquire these vehicles at potentially competitive prices.

The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) plays a vital role in combating smuggling and ensuring compliance with customs regulations. Through such auctions, the directorate aims to not only deter illegal activities but also generate revenue for the government.

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Prospective buyers are advised to thoroughly inspect the vehicles before participating in the auction. Detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the auction can be obtained by contacting the Peshawar Customs Intelligence and Investigation department.

As the auction approaches, interested individuals are encouraged to mark their calendars for July 18, 2023, and seize this opportunity to potentially acquire a confiscated vehicle through legal means.

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