Petrol price goes up to record high at Rs137.79/liter

Petrol price goes up to record high at Rs137.79/liter

ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday increased the price of petrol to a record high at Rs137.79 per liter. The government announced to increase prices of all petroleum products with effect from October 15, 2021.

The price of petrol has been increased by Rs10.49 to Rs137.79 from Rs127.30 per liter. The price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) has been increased by Rs12.44 to Rs134.48 from Rs122.04 per liter. The price of kerosene oil has been enhanced by Rs10.95 to Rs110.26 from Rs99.31 per liter. Similarly, the price of light diesel oil has been increased by Rs8.48 to Rs108.35 from Rs99.51 per liter.

A notification issued by the Finance Division said at present, oil prices have risen around $85 a barrel, which is the highest since October 2018.

Importantly, entire energy chain prices have witnessed a strong surge in the past couple of months due to higher demand for energy inputs and supply bottlenecks.

In the current scenario, the government has absorbed the pressure and provided maximum relief to the consumers by keeping petroleum levy and sales tax to a minimum level. Therefore, prices worked out by OGRA have been approved, according to the statement.