PM Imran reduces, freezes POL prices

PM Imran reduces, freezes POL prices

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced reduction in prices of petroleum products and electricity tariff and further announced to freeze the reduced rates till upcoming federal budget.

The Prime Minister provided the relief by slashing prices of petroleum and electricity to provide massive relief to the people.

In his address to the nation on Monday, he said prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced by ten rupees per litre and electricity by five rupees per unit.

The Prime Minister also announced to award internship to all jobless graduates worth 30,000 rupees per month. He said 26,000 scholarships, costing 38 billion rupees will be given to students.

He said his recent visits to China and Russia will have far reaching impact on country’s economy.

The Prime Minister said we are going to import two million tons of wheat and gas from Russia, while we have better understanding on the second phase of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Imran Khan said he believes in an independent policy in the best interest of the people of Pakistan.

He urged the people to not vote for a party, whose leader is involved in corruption as such parties cannot pursue an independent foreign policy.