PM Shehbaz Praises Aurangzeb for Successful 2024-25 Budget

PM Shehbaz Praises Aurangzeb for Successful 2024-25 Budget

Islamabad, June 29, 2024 – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has commended Finance Minister Mohammad Aurangzeb for his successful efforts in securing the approval of the 2024-25 budget from the parliament.

On Friday, PM Shehbaz praised the swift passage of the budget by the National Assembly, highlighting the dedication of Finance Minister Aurangzeb and his team in crafting a pro-people budget that aims to uplift the common man and steer the country towards economic prosperity.

In a conversation with the finance minister in the National Assembly, PM Shehbaz expressed his satisfaction with the active participation of all treasury and opposition members during the budget session. He also acknowledged the hard work of officers from the ministries of finance, planning, other relevant ministries, and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in preparing the budget.

“The government has made every effort to utilize all possible resources to provide maximum relief to the common man,” said PM Shehbaz. He emphasized that the budget includes significant relief measures for the salaried class, pensioners, and workers. The prime minister highlighted that special attention was given to crucial sectors such as health, education, agriculture, and information technology.

PM Shehbaz stressed the importance of bringing the elite class and tax evaders into the tax net. “It is not possible that the poor pay the taxes and the elites enjoy tax exemptions,” he stated, underlining the government’s commitment to ensuring tax equity.

Expressing satisfaction with the current economic situation, the prime minister stated that the country’s economy is now on the right path and that Pakistan’s journey towards prosperity has begun. He noted that the government’s business-friendly policies have restored investor confidence.

In addition, PM Shehbaz mentioned that the government is taking steps to implement reforms in various departments and prioritize the privatization of loss-making state-owned entities. These measures are aimed at improving efficiency and reducing the financial burden on the government.

The successful approval of the 2024-25 budget marks a significant achievement for the government, reflecting its commitment to addressing the needs of the common man and fostering economic growth. The pro-people budget is expected to have a positive impact on the overall economic landscape of the country, enhancing public welfare and promoting sustainable development.

As Pakistan moves forward, the government’s focus remains on creating a balanced and inclusive economy that benefits all segments of society. The efforts of Finance Minister Aurangzeb and his team have laid a strong foundation for achieving these goals, setting the stage for a prosperous future for Pakistan.