Price, Key Features of 2024 Land Cruiser Models

Price, Key Features of 2024 Land Cruiser Models

Toyota revealed the pricing for its newest 2024 Land Cruiser lineup in February 2024, providing customers with details about the cost of the latest models.

The 2024 Land Cruiser is designed to empower drivers to explore with confidence, blending modernity with the spirit of adventure. Featuring a distinctive “TOYOTA” heritage front grille, robust square side mirrors, and dynamic fender flares, this vehicle is primed for tackling rugged trails or navigating city streets.

Available in two distinct grades, the Land Cruiser 1958 pays homage to the original FJ25 with classic round headlights and fabric seats, while the Land Cruiser grade offers enhanced trail-ready technology, leather-trimmed seats, and rectangular headlights inspired by the FJ62.

Safety takes precedence with the Land Cruiser’s dual-hue LED fog lights, offering versatility between crisp white light for low-light conditions and a dynamic yellow beam for improved contrast in denser environments.

Here are the prices for all three 2024 Land Cruiser trim levels, including the $1,495 destination fee:

Land Cruiser 1958: $57,445

Land Cruiser: $63,445

Land Cruiser First Edition: $76,445

Inside, the Land Cruiser boasts a thoughtfully designed interior aimed at enhancing every journey. Features include the Cold Weather Package for warming front seats, steering wheel, and side mirrors, as well as optional premium leather-trimmed seats for added comfort.

Equipped for off-road prowess, the Land Cruiser comes with rear and center locking differentials for enhanced traction on challenging terrain. The Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) system allows drivers to navigate various landscapes confidently, aided by Crawl Control (CRAWL) which automatically adjusts throttle and brakes on difficult terrains.

For greater adaptability, the Land Cruiser offers a Stabilizer Disconnect Mechanism (SDM) for increased wheel articulation on uneven trails and rocky terrain. Additionally, a 2400W inverter enables adventurers to power essential equipment such as laptops and coffee makers during off-road excursions.

Key features of the 2024 Land Cruiser include:

Heritage-Inspired Styling

Full-Time 4WD

2.4L 4 Cylinder i-FORCE MAX Hybrid Powertrain

Standard Crawl Control (CRAWL) and Available Multi-Terrain Select (MTS)

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Available 12.3-Inch Multimedia Screen

With its blend of rugged capability and modern technology, the 2024 Land Cruiser is poised to elevate every adventure, whether on or off the road.