Price of 2024 Suzuki Alto Variants in Pakistan as of Feb 4

Price of 2024 Suzuki Alto Variants in Pakistan as of Feb 4

Here are the most recent Suzuki Alto variant prices in Pakistan as of February 4, 2024. The Suzuki Alto has established a robust reputation due to its compact size, outstanding fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it a highly coveted option.

Its compact dimensions make the Suzuki Alto a preferred choice for easy maneuverability and convenient parking, especially in bustling urban environments. The impressive fuel economy makes it a cost-effective solution for daily commuting.

Although the Alto has been recognized for its practicality and affordability, recent models are now equipped with enhanced safety features and cutting-edge technology.

Affordability remains a defining characteristic of the Alto, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of car buyers. Its competitive pricing and low maintenance costs make it particularly appealing to first-time vehicle owners, students, and individuals with tight budgets.

Pricing Information:

Suzuki Alto VX: PKR 2,251,000 (ex-factory rate)

Suzuki Alto VXR: PKR 2,612,000 (ex-factory rate)

Suzuki Alto VXR AGS: PKR 2,799,000 (ex-factory rate)

Suzuki Alto VXL AGS: PKR 2,935,000 (ex-factory rate)

Exterior Colors:

The hatchback is available in a variety of attractive colors, including Graphite Grey, Cerulean Blue, Pearl Black, Silky Silver, and Solid White, offering a diverse selection for buyers.

Engine Specifications:

All Suzuki Alto variants feature a 0.6-liter, 658cc petrol engine with a two-wheel drive (2WD) configuration. The Suzuki Alto VX and VXR models use a 5-speed manual transmission, while the VXL variant employs an Automated Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. The estimated mileage ranges from 16 to 20 kilometers per liter, with a 27-liter fuel tank capacity.

Exterior Design:

The Suzuki Alto showcases a modern and distinctive appearance with its boxy design and sleek aerodynamic curves. The front grille with bold vertical lines and a stylish rear spoiler adds a sporty flair. The VXL trim includes retractable mirrors, blending practicality with contemporary design.

Interior Comfort and Features:

The interior of the Suzuki Alto comes in a single-tone color for the VX and VXR variants, while the VXL features a dual-tone interior.

Standard features across all variants include keyless entry, a security system, immobilizer, a heating system, front defroster, side demister, antenna, power steering, assist grips, cabin lights, and drink holders. Air conditioning is available in the VXR and VXL variants, and power windows are exclusive to the VXL trim.

Audio Systems:

VX: 1 Din audio system without speakers

VXR: 2 Din audio system with two front speakers

VXL: MP5 touchscreen and two front speakers

Safety Features:

Suzuki Alto prioritizes safety with features such as dual airbags, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), front seat belt force limiters, high-mounted stop lamp, front disc brakes, immobilizer, childproof rear door locks, and hill hold control.

In summary, the Suzuki Alto offers a compelling combination of affordability, practicality, fuel efficiency, and safety, making it a popular choice among car buyers in Pakistan.

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