Price of Suzuki GS 150 from February 12, 2024

Price of Suzuki GS 150 from February 12, 2024

As of February 12, 2024, here is the latest pricing update for the Suzuki GS 150 motorcycle available in Pakistan. Crafted by Pak Suzuki domestically, the Suzuki GS 150 stands out as a leading motorcycle model renowned for its adaptability as a commuter or city rider.

With a robust 150cc engine, it effortlessly blends performance, fuel efficiency, and practicality, catering perfectly to daily commuting requirements.

The GS 150’s reliability and efficiency are well-known, thanks to its balanced 150cc engine that delivers both power and fuel economy, ideal for navigating busy city streets. Its air-cooled engine ensures consistent temperature regulation, even during prolonged rides.

Notably, the GS 150 excels in delivering smooth performance and user-friendly handling, empowering riders to maneuver through traffic with confidence. Coupled with a comfortable seating position and ergonomic design, this motorcycle guarantees an enjoyable riding experience.


The Suzuki GS 150 is priced at PKR 382,000 (ex-factory).

Available Colors:

It comes in various attractive colors, including vibrant red and sleek black.


The Suzuki GS 150 boasts a durable and low-maintenance 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHC (Overhead Camshaft) 150cc engine. Its bore measures 57.0 mm (2.244 in), and the stroke measures 56.8 mm (2.236 in), striking a perfect balance between power and efficiency.

With a compression ratio of 9.2:1, the engine prioritizes fuel efficiency while maintaining performance, making it ideal for daily commutes and longer rides.

It features both electric and kick-start options, providing flexibility in starting the engine according to rider preference or situation. The 5-speed constant mesh transmission ensures smooth gear shifting for various road conditions.


Equipped with features contributing to its performance, comfort, and safety, the Suzuki GS 150 offers stability and maneuverability with a wheelbase of 1,270 mm and 155 mm ground clearance.

Weighing 116 kg (dry mass), its lightweight design enhances agility and handling ease.

The motorcycle accommodates two persons comfortably and features telescopic front suspension and swing arm rear suspension for a smooth ride.

Powered by a 12v (8AH)/10hr battery, it ensures reliable starting power and features a 12-liter fuel tank for longer journeys.

The ignition type is electronic ignition (CDI), and both front and rear brakes are drum brakes, offering sufficient stopping power and consistent performance.


With a sleek and sporty exterior design, the Suzuki GS 150 features a streamlined body with stylish lines and contours.

The bold and angular headlight adds to its aggressive stance, while the well-sculpted fuel tank enhances comfort and grip.

Ergonomically shaped seats provide comfort for rider and passenger, and the sleek taillight adds a modern touch to the bike’s rear section.

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