Price, specs of Suzuki GSX 150SF in Pakistan

Price, specs of Suzuki GSX 150SF in Pakistan

Suzuki GSX 150SF is a sporty motorcycle model offered by Pak Suzuki. It features a sleek and aggressive design. The GSX 150SF is known for its performance-oriented characteristics and is popular among riders who enjoy sporty riding and styling.

The motorcycle features sleek design, sharp lines, and aerodynamic fairings, which exudes a sporty and aggressive look. It offers a good balance of power and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for both daily commuting and spirited rides.

Available exterior color of Suzuki GSX 150SF:

The Suzuki GSX 150SF is available in a captivating Tritone Blue exterior color. This color option adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to the sporty design of the motorcycle.

Price of Suzuki GSX 150SF:

The price of Suzuki GSX 150SF is Rs599,000.

Engine of Suzuki GSX 150SF:

The Suzuki GSX 150SF is powered by a 154.9cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with an overhead cam (OHC) configuration. It delivers a maximum output of 10.4 kW at 8000 rpm and a torque of 14 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine has a bore and stroke measurement of 56.0 mm and 62.9 mm, respectively, and operates at a compression ratio of 9.8:1.

Starting the motorcycle is made easy with an electric starter system, and fuel is injected into the engine through a fuel injection (EFI) system for efficient performance. The ignition is electronically controlled, ensuring reliable ignition timing. The GSX 150SF features a 5-speed manual transmission and employs a wet multiplate clutch for smooth gear shifting and power transfer.

The Suzuki GSX 150SF boasts an impressive fuel efficiency of 45 km/l, making it an economical choice for riders seeking a motorcycle with excellent mileage.

Specifications of Suzuki GSX 150SF:

The motorcycle comes equipped with a maintenance-free 12V, 3Ah battery, providing reliable power for the motorcycle’s electrical components. The headlight operates on a 12V system and features a 35/35W bulb, delivering bright and clear illumination for enhanced visibility during night rides or low-light conditions.

The brake light ensures optimal safety by illuminating when the brakes are applied, effectively alerting other road users of the rider’s intentions. These electrical components contribute to the overall functionality and safety of the Suzuki GSX 150SF.

Suzuki GSX 150SF features a compact yet sporty body with dimensions of 2,055mm in length, 800mm in width, and 1,105mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 1,335mm, contributing to its stability and maneuverability on the road. The motorcycle offers a generous ground clearance of 160mm, allowing it to tackle uneven terrains and speed breakers with ease.

With a curb mass of 141kg, the motorcycle strikes a balance between agility and stability. It comes equipped with a 12-liter fuel tank, providing ample capacity for long rides without the need for frequent refueling.

The motorcycle features a telescopic front suspension with 41mm large diameter front shocks, providing responsive handling and improved stability on various road conditions. At the rear, it is equipped with a swing arm mono suspension, further enhancing the motorcycle’s riding comfort and control. The GSX 150SF rides on tubeless tires, with a front tire size of 100/80-17 and a rear tire size of 140/60-17.

Design of Suzuki GSX 150SF:

The Suzuki GSX 150SF showcases a dynamic and aggressive exterior design that appeals to sport bike enthusiasts. With its sharp and angular lines, it exudes a sense of speed and aerodynamic prowess. The motorcycle features a sleek and compact body profile, complemented by bold graphics and color schemes that add to its visual appeal. The GSX 150SF also incorporates modern elements such as LED lighting, a sporty and muscular fuel tank, a split-style seat, and a stylishly designed exhaust.

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