Price, Specs of Toyota Revo Rocco

Price, Specs of Toyota Revo Rocco

The Toyota Revo Rocco stands as a distinguished variant within the lineup of Toyota Hilux Revo pickup trucks. This particular model is manufactured locally by Indus Motors. Embodying a sportier and more stylish demeanor, the Revo Rocco presents numerous cosmetic enhancements and additional features when compared to the Hilux Revo.

With its robust suspension system and sturdy chassis, the Revo Rocco is equipped to handle challenging off-road adventures with ease. Whether navigating rugged terrains or conquering demanding trails, this pickup truck maintains its composure and reliability, ensuring a dependable performance every time.

Renowned for its distinctive styling, the Revo Rocco distinguishes itself from the standard Toyota Hilux Revo with its enhanced design elements. Sporting a sporty and aggressive appearance, this variant exudes a strong sense of adventure and individuality.

The Revo Rocco’s notable front grille, accompanied by sleek LED headlights, lends it a commanding presence on the road, further accentuating its unique personality.


The ex-factory price of Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco is Rs15,179,000 as on June 23, 2023.

Available exterior colors:

The Revo Rocco offers a range of exterior colors to suit individual preferences. These include classic options such as Super White and Attitude Black, as well as Silver Metallic and Graphite for a touch of sophistication.


Revo Rocco is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers impressive performance and efficiency. The engine model, known as the 1GD-FTV (Hi), boasts a displacement of 2,755cc. This common-rail diesel engine, also referred to as D-4D, ensures optimal fuel combustion and enhanced fuel efficiency.

With a power output of 150 kW at a range of 3,000 to 3,400 rpm, the Revo Rocco provides ample power for various driving conditions. The torque output of 500 Nm at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm further contributes to its strong performance and towing capabilities. This torque ensures responsive acceleration and the ability to handle heavy loads with ease.

To transmit power to the wheels, the Revo Rocco is equipped with a 6-speed sequential transmission. This transmission allows for smooth gear shifts, providing a balanced combination of performance and fuel economy.


The exterior of the Revo Rocco showcases a range of stylish and functional elements, elevating its overall look and performance. Starting at the front, the premium black front grille adds a touch of sophistication and enhances the vehicle’s aggressive stance. It is complemented by the fog lamp front skid plate, which not only adds a rugged appeal but also provides protection to the front underbody.

The sports bar, located at the rear of the truck’s bed, adds a sporty and adventurous touch to the Revo Rocco’s exterior. It serves both as a visual highlight and a practical feature for securing cargo. The distinctive Rocco sticker further accentuates the truck’s unique identity, adding a touch of exclusivity.

The black outside rear-view mirror contributes to the Revo Rocco’s overall aesthetics, seamlessly integrating with its design language. The inclusion of Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) enhances both safety and style, providing increased visibility during daytime driving.

The Revo Rocco rides on black 18-inch alloy rims, which not only enhance its sporty appearance but also improve performance and handling. The smart LED headlamp design adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the truck’s front end, ensuring excellent visibility during nighttime driving.

Moving to the rear, the Revo Rocco features a tailgate handle garnish that adds a premium touch and complements the overall exterior design. The over fender molding further enhances the truck’s rugged appeal, emphasizing its off-road capabilities.

The rear painted bumper not only protects the truck’s rear but also integrates harmoniously with the overall exterior design. Finally, the black door handles add a sleek and cohesive touch, completing the Revo Rocco’s exterior aesthetic.


The interior of the Toyota Revo Rocco offers a combination of style, comfort, and advanced features. The premium Optitron Meter provides clear and vibrant displays, enhancing the overall driving experience. The variable flow control steering allows for precise handling and effortless maneuverability. With the push start and smart entry system, starting the vehicle becomes convenient and hassle-free. The inclusion of a cruise control button further enhances long drives by maintaining a desired speed. Power outlets are strategically placed throughout the cabin, ensuring easy access to charge devices on the go.

The Toyota Revo Rocco also boasts an impressive tyre turning angle, enabling seamless navigation in tight spaces. The premium steering switches provide intuitive control at the driver’s fingertips. The 4.2-inch color TFT MID offers customizable information displays, keeping the driver well-informed. Dual AC control allows for personalized climate settings for both driver and passengers. The audio experience is enhanced with six speakers, delivering immersive sound quality. The centerpiece of the interior is the 9-inch tablet-style audio headunit, providing access to various entertainment and connectivity options. Rear AC vents ensure optimal comfort for rear passengers. Finally, the premium black leather seats exude sophistication and luxury, elevating the overall interior ambiance of the Toyota Revo Rocco.

Safety features:

Toyota Revo Rocco prioritizes safety with its array of advanced features. The front 3-point ELR seat belts with pretensioner and force limits ensure that occupants are securely restrained in the event of a collision. The immobilizer with alarm adds an extra layer of protection against theft and unauthorized access. The inclusion of SRS airbags and seat belt reminders further enhances occupant safety by providing additional cushioning and reminding passengers to buckle up. The ABS with EBD and BA system helps prevent wheel lock-up during emergency braking, ensuring stable and controlled stops. The Emergency Brake Signal alerts surrounding vehicles by automatically activating the hazard lights during sudden braking.

The Revo Rocco also features speed-sensing door locks, providing added security while on the move. Refined suspension and cabin mounts contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride, reducing the impact of road imperfections. The vehicle’s impact-absorbing structure is designed to dissipate crash forces and protect occupants. The drive start control prevents unintended acceleration by requiring the driver to press the brake pedal while starting the vehicle. The vehicle stability control system actively helps maintain stability and control during challenging driving conditions. Lastly, the inclusion of ISOFIX child seat anchors ensures secure and proper installation of child seats, enhancing the safety of young passengers.

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