Qadir Memon posted as chief collector enforcement south

Qadir Memon posted as chief collector enforcement south

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced significant transfers and postings in the Pakistan Customs Service (PCS), affecting key positions in Karachi. Abdul Qadir Memon, a seasoned BS-20 officer of the PCS, has been appointed as the Chief Collector, Enforcement (South), Karachi.

Currently serving as the Collector at the Collectorate of Customs in Hyderabad, Memon’s transfer is expected to bring a wealth of experience to his new role.

Abdul Qadir Memon has a distinguished career in the customs service and is known for his expertise in enforcement matters. As the Chief Collector, Enforcement (South), Karachi, he will be tasked with overseeing and enhancing enforcement activities to ensure compliance with customs regulations and curb any illicit activities in the southern region.

Simultaneously, Sadiaullah Khan, also a BS-20 officer of the PCS, has been assigned the post of Collector at the Collectorate of Customs in Hyderabad. Sadiaullah Khan’s experience and skills in customs administration position him well to assume this crucial role, where he will be responsible for managing customs operations and facilitating trade in the region.

In addition to his role as Collector in Hyderabad, Sadiaullah Khan has been assigned the additional charge of the post of Director at the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, FBR, Hyderabad. This dual responsibility reflects the FBR’s strategy to optimize the capabilities of its officers and strengthen intelligence and investigation functions to address emerging challenges in customs and taxation.

The FBR’s decision to make these key appointments aligns with its commitment to ensuring effective leadership in critical customs positions. The assignments aim to enhance the overall efficiency and performance of customs operations, particularly in the enforcement domain.

The role of Chief Collector, Enforcement (South), Karachi, is pivotal in safeguarding the country’s economic interests by preventing smuggling, combating customs fraud, and promoting fair trade practices. Abdul Qadir Memon’s tenure in this role is anticipated to contribute to the FBR’s ongoing efforts to streamline enforcement activities and foster compliance with customs laws.

The additional responsibilities assigned to Sadiaullah Khan underscore the importance of intelligence and investigation functions in addressing challenges related to tax evasion, fraud, and other illicit activities. By holding dual roles, Sadiaullah Khan is expected to play a crucial role in coordinating efforts to gather intelligence, conduct investigations, and enforce customs laws effectively.

These transfers and postings within the customs service are part of the FBR’s broader strategy to strengthen the institutional framework, enhance transparency, and improve overall governance in tax and customs administration. The appointed officers are poised to take on their new roles and contribute to the FBR’s objectives of revenue collection, trade facilitation, and economic stability.