Renowned Restaurant Sealed by SRB Over Unpaid Sales Tax

Renowned Restaurant Sealed by SRB Over Unpaid Sales Tax

Karachi, January 31, 2024 – In a stern move against non-compliant taxpayers, the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) sealed the premises of the renowned Voco Café & Restaurant located at Block-4, Clifton, Karachi on Wednesday.

The closure comes in response to the establishment’s failure to fulfill its obligations regarding sales tax payment and registration with the authority.

In an official statement, the SRB highlighted its ongoing drive to ensure tax compliance, emphasizing the need for businesses to register with the SRB and fulfill their tax obligations. The actions against Voco Café & Restaurant were taken after the establishment repeatedly demonstrated non-compliance with the requirement of registration and payment of Sindh Sales Tax (SST) on its restaurant services.

The SRB issued a notice to the restaurant on January 25, 2024, urging them to register with the SRB and settle the outstanding amounts of SST related to their taxable services. The investigation revealed that despite charging and collecting SST from its customers, the restaurant failed to deposit the collected tax into the Sindh exchequer, thus engaging in what the SRB referred to as tax fraud.

The decision to seal the business premises was made in light of the persistent non-compliance by Voco Café & Restaurant, aligning with the SRB’s commitment to enforcing tax laws and maintaining fiscal integrity. The closure was carried out in accordance with the legal provisions in place to address such violations.

The SRB affirmed its determination to take similar enforcement actions against any restaurants found to be in violation of tax regulations, underscoring the importance of adherence to the law for the broader economic health of the region.

This move by the SRB reflects a broader commitment to creating a fair and transparent tax environment, discouraging tax evasion, and fostering a culture of compliance among businesses. The SRB’s actions not only serve as a deterrent against tax fraud but also send a clear message about the consequences of non-compliance with tax regulations.

Businesses, particularly those in the hospitality sector, are reminded of the imperative to meet their tax obligations promptly. The SRB continues to vigilantly monitor compliance across various industries, ensuring that businesses contribute their due share to the exchequer, supporting public services and infrastructure development.

As the SRB upholds its commitment to tax enforcement, businesses are advised to prioritize compliance and address any outstanding tax matters promptly to avoid legal consequences and protect their reputation in the business community.