Return filing mandatory for Pakistanis having foreign assets

Return filing mandatory for Pakistanis having foreign assets

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis having income and assets abroad are required to file annual income tax return under Section 114 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

According to Section 114 of the Ordinance the return filing is mandatory for: “(x) is a resident person being an individual required to file foreign income and assets statement under section 116A.”

The Section 116A of the Ordinance was introduced through Finance Act, 2018.

According to this section every resident taxpayer being an individual having foreign income of not less than ten thousand United States dollars or having foreign assets with a value of not less than one hundred thousand United States dollars shall furnish a statement, hereinafter referred to as the foreign income and assets statement, in the prescribed form and verified in the prescribed manner giving particulars of—

(a) the person’s total foreign assets and liabilities as on the last day of the tax year;

(b) any foreign assets transferred by the person to any other person during the tax year and the consideration for the said transfer; and

(c) complete particulars of foreign income, the expenditure derived during the tax year and the expenditure wholly and necessarily for the purposes of deriving the said income.

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