Samsung Appoints Young Hyun Jun as DS Division Head

Samsung Appoints Young Hyun Jun as DS Division Head

Samsung Electronics has appointed Young Hyun Jun as the new head of its Device Solutions (DS) Division. Jun will oversee the company’s semiconductor business, aiming to enhance its competitive edge in a challenging global market.

Jun, who joined Samsung Electronics in 2000, brings a wealth of experience from his work in DRAM and Flash memory development and strategic marketing. His leadership in the Memory Business starting in 2014 and subsequent role as CEO of Samsung SDI in 2017 showcase his adeptness in steering major technological sectors.

In 2024, Jun spearheaded the Future Business Division, demonstrating his forward-thinking approach to innovation. His new role as head of the DS Division underscores Samsung’s confidence in his ability to navigate the complexities of the semiconductor industry and drive sustained growth.

The reshuffling also sees President Kyehyun Kyung, the outgoing head of the DS Division, taking on dual roles. Kyung will lead the Future Business Division and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). His extensive experience in the semiconductor sector positions him well to identify and cultivate new growth opportunities for the company.

This leadership transition comes at a critical time as the semiconductor industry faces supply chain disruptions and heightened competition. Samsung aims to leverage Jun’s strategic vision and Kyung’s innovative insights to strengthen its market position and pioneer advancements in semiconductor technology.

Samsung’s decision to promote Jun reflects its strategy to reinforce its core competencies and adapt to the evolving technological landscape. Both Jun and Kyung’s new roles signal a strategic shift towards future growth areas while maintaining a strong focus on their foundational semiconductor business.

The company expects this leadership change to drive innovation and secure its leadership in the global semiconductor market.