Sazgar and Great Wall Motors Launch EV ORA 3 in Pakistan

Sazgar and Great Wall Motors Launch EV ORA 3 in Pakistan

February 22, 2024: Sazgar Engineering, a prominent player in Pakistan’s automotive sector, has joined forces with Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) to unveil their latest venture in the automotive industry – the electric vehicle (EV) ORA 3.

This collaboration aims to revolutionize the Pakistani market by offering sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions, catering to the increasing demand for alternative energy vehicles.

As cars remain the primary mode of transportation in Pakistan, the rising global oil prices have led to soaring gasoline costs, creating a pressing need for alternative energy solutions, as reported by CEN. The introduction of new energy vehicles (NEVs) appears to be a strategic response to this challenge. Sazgar Engineering has set the price of the ORA 3 at Rs 8.99 million, positioning it as an attractive option for consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives. The company has also announced that bookings for this groundbreaking vehicle will open in the coming days, with an initial booking price of Rs 5 million.

Pakistan is aligning itself with the global surge in NEVs. Recent data indicates that global NEV sales reached approximately 14.61 million units last year, reflecting a substantial 38% year-on-year growth. Of these, China played a pivotal role, contributing 9.495 million units of NEV sales and claiming a dominant 65% market share globally. Several Chinese companies, including BAIC, Changan, JAC Motors, Great Wall Motors, MG, FAW, and Chery Automobile, have established a notable presence in Pakistan, forming joint ventures and driving the country’s new energy vehicle industry towards intelligence and electrification.

Sazgar Engineering, in embracing electric mobility in Pakistan, sets new standards and actively contributes to the collective effort in combatting climate change. A representative from Sazgar expressed pride in the company’s role, stating, “This partnership opens doors for technological advancements and knowledge sharing, enabling the local auto industry to embrace sustainability and cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation.”

The collaboration with Great Wall Motors positions Sazgar Engineering at the forefront of innovation in the Pakistani automotive sector. This partnership not only introduces a cutting-edge electric vehicle but also facilitates the exchange of expertise and technological know-how. As Pakistan embraces the era of electric mobility, Sazgar Engineering’s venture with Great Wall Motors is a significant step towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious automotive future in the country.