Sazgar Introduces ORA 03 Electric Car in Pakistan

Sazgar Introduces ORA 03 Electric Car in Pakistan

Sazgar Engineering Works Limited has unveiled its latest addition to the electric vehicle market in Pakistan with the introduction of the ORA 03. As the first electric car in its lineup, the ORA 03 brings a blend of classic design and cutting-edge electric power to the forefront.

The ORA 03 joins Sazgar Engineering’s esteemed collection, which includes popular models such as the BAIC BJ40 Plus, Haval H6 HEV, and Haval Jolion, offering consumers a diverse range of options to choose from.

Boasting a blend of timeless design and eco-conscious technology, the ORA 03 promises a driving range of up to 420km on a single charge. Its electric powertrain ensures a spirited yet environmentally friendly performance, making it an ideal choice for urban mobility.

Designed to excel in city environments, the ORA 03 delivers nimble handling for navigating congested streets effortlessly. Its instant torque from the electric motor ensures a smooth and quiet ride, perfect for daily commutes and city driving enthusiasts alike.

Equipped with cutting-edge features aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency, the ORA 03 incorporates wireless charging, keyless entry, and a seamless start function for hassle-free driving experiences. Embrace modern technology without compromising on simplicity.

Price and Performance:

With a reported ex-factory price starting at PKR 8,999,999, the ORA 03 offers remarkable value for its performance capabilities. Powered by either a 48kWh or 63kWh Lithium-Ion Battery, the electric motors deliver responsive acceleration and driving dynamics.

The ORA 03 comes with a single front-mounted electric motor generating 126kW of power and 250Nm of torque. Available in two variants, the standard range model provides a driving range of up to 310km, while the extended range model offers an impressive 420km range. Both models feature rapid charging capabilities, reaching from 10 percent to 80 percent charge in just 41 to 50 minutes, respectively.

Exterior Design:

Setting itself apart with a unique exterior design, the ORA 03 combines sleek contours reminiscent of classic automobiles with futuristic elements such as LED tail lights and a signature brake light bar. From electric adjustment headlamps to a panoramic sunroof, every detail is crafted for both style and functionality.

Interior Comfort and Technology:

Inside the cabin, the ORA 03 delivers a luxurious experience with power-adjustable faux leatherette seats and an elegantly designed steering wheel. Intelligent features such as Single Pedal Drive mode and dual 10.25″ display screens ensure a connected and engaging driving experience. Additionally, wireless phone charging and convenient steering wheel controls add to the vehicle’s appeal.

Safety Features:

Prioritizing safety, the ORA 03 has earned a prestigious 5-star safety rating from ANCAP. Equipped with advanced safety systems including Driver Drowsiness Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition, and 360-degree cameras, the ORA 03 provides comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers alike on the road.

The ORA 03 represents a significant leap forward in the Pakistani automotive market, offering a compelling blend of electric performance, innovative design, and advanced safety features.

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